New York Dopers, a little help, please?

Yikes! I just found out that the season premiere of Angel is going forward tonight. I was kinda hoping it would get delayed.

I only have broadcast TV, and I’m still not getting Ch. 11 due to the WTC business. Could one of you tape the show for me? You would have my undy… well, let’s just say I’d appreciate it.

Thanks in advance, one way or another,


Oh, and before anyone posts –

For a while, I was getting Ch. 11 on Channel 64 (very fuzzily), but it doesn’t seem like Ch. 11 is broadcasting on that station anymore.


whoooo hooo! **Sua’s ** offering his undy’s???

damn. I’m not in NY.
Double damn I pro’lly won’t be home early enough to tape it anyhow.
[sub]maybe if I send a camera, I can at least get a picture of said undys? [/sub]