New York slang

In the Pet Shop Boys’ new song New York City Boy are included several imponderable bits of New York City slang, including the following verse:

Would someone care to translate? Being eighteen, I feel rather distressed at not understanding this.

What a promising corner–
The young ladies here are very attractive!
Look at the shape
On the one just approaching!
Hear a song
That’s the cat’s pajamas
If you don’t appreciate it,
I will shut off the radio.

Danke schoen.

Flora, brilliant, as usual.

Or, you be dope, GF.

Flora - Nothin’ but net!

Not for nothing, but aren’t the Pet Shop Boys from England?


Yer pal,

Nice work, Flora!
Who’s bettah than you?

Back off, man. I’m a scientist.

Thank you, boys.

I am fat. And deaf.

Yes, the Pet Shop Boys are from England. Or they will be, until I kidnap them during their Montreal concert and spirit them off to my dungeon lair. I intend to keep them as indentured minstrels, singing their tender ballads over my sumptuous orgies.

Slowly backs away from Matt and runs! :slight_smile:

Just kidding. Anyway i’m one of those types who really isn’t into the pet shop boys (or New Wave) at all (I have a friend who is VERY into them, along with all New Wave).

Flora, perhaps we can lend your vocabulary to the Pet Shop Boys. It seems to me that your translation would make a better song than the original. Of course, I turned offically old this past year - so maybe I’m just not with it anymore.

WARNING: I cannot be held responsible for the above as apparently my cat has learned to type. =^…^=

Fortunately, I took Advanced Jive in colege.

. . . But not speling.

So, Flora, who put the Benzedrine in Mrs. Murphy’s Ovaltine?


:::visualizing Ms. McFlimsey wearing phat pants::::

I thought it was ‘Who Put the Nembutal in Mrs. Murphy’s Overalls?’

Not only am I fat and deaf, but I am illin’.


–Ice Flo

Hey, you know how to do New York CPR?

“Geddup, befaw ya fuckin’ die.”

Oh remind me to do the “Bronx Macarena” at the next NYC SDMB meeting.

Keepin’ it flimsey,