New Yorker tears Thiessen apart

Marc Thiessen, who was recently torn to shreds by Jon Stewart – has now been savaged again, by The New Yorker, in its review of Thiessen’s book, which it labels “the unofficial Bible of torture apologists.”

Here are just some small excerpts. You really have to read the whole thing –

Here is a rather staggering list of falsehoods compiled in Thiessen’s book.

Sounds like Thiessen should be fired from any reputable news organization.

What is the debate?

Should he be mocked and derided 24/7, or just during daylight hours?

I’m willing to take the night shift.

Sign me up for morning shift, Eurocentral time.

I thought this thread was about Tiffani-Amber Thiessen until I read it (I know of Marc Thiessens work, but just barely). Another saved by the bell character meets her doom.

On another unrelated note I’m shocked that a republican would lie incessantly. This is unprecedented.

Luckily for him, he works for the Washington Post.