New Yorkers: MetroCard Question

You all know how I hate MetroCards, but since the godda, Mayor has killed the token, I gotta use them.

Anyway: I have an old MetroCard from before the fare increase to $2.00. Can I still use it? If there’s, say, $12.00 left on it, will it register “$2.00” or “$1.50” when it put it in the turnstile?

As long as it hasn’t expired it should work like before; deducting whatever the current fare is from your balance.

You can also cash it in/add money to round it up to even # of fares.

It will take the $2.00. This happened to me when I last visited in May.

BTW why doesn’t the Metro take dollar bills. They take Credit Cards

Also is their a place in LaGuardia that sells MetroCards? I can’t find one. You think they would have one.

And another thing, are they ever gonna extend the subways to the airports. It is annoying to have to take the M60 to Hoyt/Astoria to and transfer to the subway to get to Manhattan.

Whew, good, thanks. I didn’t even wanna try it and risk holding up the line—people will stomp right over you.

Either a MetroCard machine or a token booth clerk will be happy to take your dollar bills in exchange for a MetroCard.

Try newsstands.

The Port Authority is nearly done with the AirTrain project, which will link JFK airport to Jamaica Station, where you can switch to Subway or LIRR service into Manhattan. It is expected to be operational any day now. Which means it will probably open in 2139. Because this is a Port Authority project and not a NYCTA one, there will not be a direct link between the Subway and the AirTrain.

There is no plan currently to extend subway service to LaGuardia.

Yeah. Just make sure before you get on the aforementioned AirTrain that the damned Tracks Are Safe Or Deadly that day…


I used to live off Ditmars Blvd, I know those stops well. For notta lotta cash, you can cab it to the last stop on the line- Ditmars- and catch the train there. ( Apparently now it’s the W train? )


The value of a Metrocard is in dollars, not fares. The toll machine will deduct the amount of the fare from the card, not dock it for 1 fare. Does that make sense?

That’s one major reason to get rid of the token. Fares can be raised without having to change the token or have a bunch of them out in circulation that were sold at a lower rate.

I can remember investing in tokens. When I heard that they were thinking of raising the fare I would buy as many tokens as I could and then use them after the fare increase. Making 20% or so on your money wasn’t too bad.

Is there a charge for the card itself? IOW, if I go up to the token booth and ask for a $10 card, do I get a card with $10 on it or do I get, say, $9 in credit and the other dollar goes to some kind of fee for the card?

Gotta know these things since I’m going to be up that way in a couple weeks and always used tokens before.

No charge for the card. No service fees. When it’s empty, either refill it or throw it away.

In fact, over a certain amount they put additional money on the card over what you pay. Check the MTA web site for the particulars. I’m too lazy to link it at this hour.

Thanks, Sparty. And it didn’t even occur to me to DAFS until right after I hit Submit.

Actually, if you ask for a $10 card, they will give you a card with $12 in value, a free ride.

In addition to the token booths there are two types of metrocard machines. The ones that take cash and credit/debit cards and the ones that take credit/debit cards only. I think that at each station there should be at least one of the cash machines, and there are usually several more cash machines than card only machines.

If your metrocard has an odd amount on it from before the fare change, you can add any amount you like at a machine (or a token booth). When the fare changed, I had a card with $9 on it, so I added $1 to make it an even amount.

Good luck.