News ancor David Brinkley dies

This is TOO spooky…we had a thread just a few days ago that started “Say good night, David…” and Eve (ghoul that she is) asked “What, did David Brinkley die or something?”

Please, let’s not start a thread about me in the near future.

What, did pnnr die?



<cricket chirp…cricket chirp…cricket chirp…>

I will forever adore David Brinkley for his “another four years of damned nonsense” line on election eve 1996.

I will miss him.

I am a Southerner and I was always to happy to hear DB’s Carolina accent. He was both a gentle man and a gentleman. Our generation has not produced many to replace him and I will remember him fondly.

I don’t want to make a cheesy joke (since he and Chet didn’t like that clsoing too much), but rather in all sincerity say:

Good night, David.

:frowning: I was such a big fan of his. I have read all of his books, and I watched almost every episode of This Week with David Brinkley throughout its entire run. Coincidentally, his son Alan, who is about to become provost of Columbia University, was my favorite undergraduate professor. I took three of his American history classes.

I will miss David, and send my condolences to Alan and the res

SpoilerVirgin, you still there? Hello? Hello?!

:frowning: I was over in the other mourning thread, offering my condolences on the death of Gregory Peck. As I said over there, what a sucky week.

That’s the third or fourth time that one of my replies has posted like that, not going through all the way. It was supposed to end with “and the rest of the Brinkley family.”

Man, that sucks. I mean, we all have to go sometime, but he was one of my favorite news anchors.

[lights candle, holds moment of silence]

Yeah, that signoff was kind of silly when you think about it. I mean, they weren’t going to go up in puffs of smoke and not set eyes on each other until 23 hours later! There were probably mumbled “…have a good one…” "…yeah, you too…"s on their way out the door. But that was back in the day, when people subconsciously thought that TV people lived right in the little box, and when you turned it off, they disappeared.

And now I’m never going to get that Tom Lehrer song out of my head! “While we’re attacking frontally/Watch Brink-e-ley and Hunt-e-ley/Describing contrapuntally/The cities we have lost…” I also had cause to remember it during Gulf War 2.0, and now it will probably never go away!

…on the other Side…

“Hello, David!”

“Hello, Chet!”
…and that’s the way it, June 12th, 2003.

That was the thread I was in, just this morning… trying to figure out who David Brinkley was. Thought he was some American politico… being mentioned in the same thread as Donald Regan and Ronald Reagan did give me that impression.

I admit I’m still not too sure who he was, but at least I know he was a news anchor… NOT a political-type. Whew! :wink: Name’s still totally unfamiliar to me, but I shouldn’t be surprised… happens to me all the time.