*News Flash* Sheik Al-Sumide'I reveals the secret weapon of the insurgents

Sweet mother of Jesus! The insurgents have a new weapon. Great big black spiders with thin hair that on contact causes the body to turn black and blue and all the blood cells to explode – yeah and death too. That’ll teach the infidel Americans to spread corruption! And to throw dirt on their faces too!

What does the Geneva conventions have to say about great black spiders and the use of miracles?


Wow. That looks like something Baghdad Bob (former Iraqi Minister of Information – much loved for his “humour”) would write.

That real?

Oh, dear Og, there’s a video clip. Forget my last question.

Well, his story certainly sounds different from what our own media are telling us. But there’s just enough Ray Bradbury floating around in my head to entertain the possibility that our media may not be exactly forthcoming.

I’m not sure about spiders the size of chairs, however. That sound a little like BS. ;j

;j <==== EEEEK! Spider! Spider! Spider on your head!

I think this calls for a reprinting of that classic horror novel of the last decade, “There’s a Spider On Your Back!”

swat! swat! swat!

Where was I?

Ah yes, the camel spider photos strike again!

This is obviously just a covert power-play by the Great Queen Spider.

Jeez…what are those guys smoking?

Hunter S. Thompson has a cousin in Iraq?
Who knew?