Someone, who I consider to be quite knowledgable, once told me that the word ‘News’ is actually an abreviation of National Emergency Warning System, and was invented during a world war

Then someone else, who I consider to be ten times as knowledgable as the other person, on hearing what the first person said, told me that he had no idea of this fact and that the word ‘news’ was a lot older than any of the world wars.
So , who is correct? what is the origin of the word ‘news’?

OFCS, the word news has been used to mean “report of recent events” since the 15th century. It comes from Old English niwe (or Latin novus, or Greek neos), meaning “new.”

Furthermore, there was no such thing as the “National Early Warning System” during WWII.

I thought it was an acronym for:
[ul][li] North[/li][li] East[/li][li] West[/li] South :p[/ul]

I didn’t say Early I said Emergency. But I get your meaning.

According to Mr. Webster, the first cite of it was in the mid-1400s. It was a middle-English word derived from “newis,” meaning a novelty.