Newsflash to me - the exterior "bulb" shell on those new LED lightbulbs is not glass Einstein

Well…I’ve bought a bunch of these LED household lightbulbs for my house over the past year or so and have been well pleased with them. The other day I saw one of those fascinating pics of the interesting LED array inside a household LED light bulb so I thought I would break the translucent exterior glass shell off and take a look inside as the bulb had only cost me $2.50 on sale. Using the hefty back of large steel knife I put it in a clear poly bag and proceeded to whack it … and whack it… and whack it hard. Nothing … not a dent or a scratch. It’s some kind of very high strength polycarbonate plastic. I could play baseball with this damn thing and not break it.

I still want to see the guts but I’m not ready to break out the hacksaw yet.

Do you have an old microwave you don’t mind being shed of? :smiley: