Newspaper Noir (AC murders)

The Philadelphia Inquirer published a piece on the Atlantic City prostitute murders that, to my ear, harkens back to classic crime writing. The full story is here. Below are some choice quotes:

Now this is obviously a sensational crime, but I really can’t recall the last time I saw a non-tabloid daily using such florid language. I mean, “boulevards of bling and broken dreams”? So, I’m curious if other newshounds or journalists see this as too over-the-top or appropriate for the situation. I believe I’m tending towards the latter, myself.

Other than the use of the word “bling”, I think you’ve got a point.

That’s a crazy story.

The one woman was a suburban housewife, with a husband and kids. She met a guy in a cooking class, started doing drugs with him, and 2 years later, she’s a dead whore in a ditch.


Last time I was over there, I went bowling near where that happened. Shittiest lanes I’ve ever been in. Shitty, shitty part of the country, near some of the nicest beach towns you could ever see.

Anyway, to the point: it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to me, but I read a lot of newspaper.

I’m sure there were the original articles in which the reporting was solid, by the book stuff. Then, they do a little investigation and write one of these types of pieces. NYTimes had a similar article a week ago. They profiled each woman. . .not really reporting on the crime as much as “crime writing”, I’d say.

Maybe we’re seeing more of it these days as newspapers try to get readers back from the tabloids and the TV.

I had that thought as well. Straight reporting doesn’t seem to be keeping the subscribers around, so let’s try a blast from the past. The Inky is also starting to do series reporting again; the most recent was on the feds busting an illegal internet pharmacy network that was managed by a young man going to Temple.