NEWSRADIO Season 3 out on DVD today!

I haven’t seen anyone talking about this, and didn’t even know about it until this morning, but Newsradio Season 3 is finally out on DVD today. I must have this! I’m buying it tonight, if possible.

Is this the super karate monkey death car season?

…I think that was #4.

(checks IMDB)

Yup. S4E4.



I have so got to get this.

Yay! I zipped through the first DVD set (seasons 1 & 2), and have been dying for the third season to come out.
I’d forgotten how funny it was - it started right off, no finding its place or anything, it was just always right.

Gotta get this one.
Now we need Scrubs season three. And Northern Exposure season four.

THIS was the season I was excited about!

I am watching it as I type this. This is the episode where Jimmy James buys a box of movie memorabilia. I believe season four is the episode I really look forward to but this one is pretty good.

Is this the season they started the “What if” season finales? (What if NewsRadio were set on the Titanic…set in outer space…etc)

Is this the “Crizappy” season?

I must say, the DVDs make me really dislike the stupid Led Zeppelin episode titles. I used to think they were cute but not now that I have to look it up everytime I want to find an episode.

This one has the “Space” finale. Season 4’s finale was the “Titanic” one.

Scrubs season 3 is out in Australia - is it not already out in the US? How odd.

It will be in the US on May 9th.

And I’d be more excited about NewsRadio… if I didn’t have every single episode on DVDR. But I’m excited for you guys.


My copy will be arriving today. I had no idea that it was just released yesterday - I went to Amazon to order “Scrubs” season 2 while I was there, decided to check on Newsradio. I was actually surprised season 3 was out 'cause I hadn’t heard anything about it in awhile.

I’m looking forward to seeing a LOT of the episodes again, but one of my favorites from season 3 is “Kids,” just for the exchange where Lisa is telling a little girl something about Dave and the girl asks “Is he the little boy in the blue suit?”

“Complaint Box” is also one of my favorite episodes. “I try to be good worker man, but refrigamator so messy.”

I’m so happy that I got a new tv last week - I can watch them all on a 28" screen instead of on my computer. Between Scrubs & NR, that’s like 44 episodes of good tv to be watched.