Next Food Network Star 6/12

I’m liking this show! I never realized how hard it is to do what the stars do. Talk and cook and read the monitor…very tough.

It was terrible when Susannah cut herself so bad! And then they had to show her wound, while I was eating dinner. Ick. I like her, and I think I would watch her “healthy eating” cooking show.

I missed the pizza challenge. Who completed one? Who had the best pizza? I was grossed out by the octupus pizza, personally. I’m not fond of octopus anyway, but on a pizza?

And I thought Harmony deserved to go. Not much personality showing, and not enough talent for this contest.

Agreed. It was definitely time for Harmony to go, and Eric should be next.

Threads on this show don’t seem to get much traction!

I’ve noticed! Thanks for replying.