Next Senate Majority Leader and Speaker of the House

I don’t know about the smart money, but it’s certainly the way I’d bet.

A amendment would not be required. The 21st amendment merely repealed the 18th.

Line 2 specifically allows for dry states: “The transportation or importation into any State, Territory, or possession of the United States for delivery or use therein of intoxicating liquors, in violation of the laws thereof, is hereby prohibited.” Dry states continued to exist for 50 years or more, and some are still semi-dry.

In addition to that, the amendment in no way prohibits the feds from including alcohol in the list of things the government is allowed to ban by law. Marijuana, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol–it’s all political.

It was, in fact, a political calculus by the dry faction that selected a constitutional amendment vs. federal law during the nation’s momentary lapse of reason. They thought that an amendment would have greater durability than law. They were right, but not by much.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Reid gets replaced as Majority Leader even if he does win reelection. I’m not going to go far enough out on the limb to say he will, but his leadership hasn’t been very effective and I think there are a lot of democrats who want him gone.

I think Reid’s been pretty effective; his one lapse was giving Baucus too much time last summer to win over guys like Grassley and Enzi on health care. But unlike Pelosi, who could afford to lose a few dozen votes on any given issue, Reid’s had to keep every single Dem senator on board to pass anything. And he’s done that surprisingly often.

I don’t think Reid has done all that well - in fact it might be a plus for the Dems in some ways if he loses - but the Senate being what it is, I don’t think he would be replaced. They have too much respect for seniority.

It gets a lot worse than that. She opposes fluoridation of public water. In 2010. :smack:

Count me among them. He’s a political klutz - twice he voted “no” on the healthcare reform bill when he meant to vote “yes.” Twice! Keeps saying dumb things, too - almost as bad as Biden. Needlessly partisan, even when it’s self-defeating, and doesn’t have a handle on his own caucus. Seems to me he’s his own worst enemy. I’d bet that Schumer will become Senate majority leader even if Reid hangs onto his seat in Nevada. I’m also confident that Pelosi will remain as Speaker.

The Majority Leader will often switch his vote so he votes with the prevailing side on a close vote. That allows him to make a motion to reconsider the vote sometime later, when he’s whipped up the votes. This is a standard parliamentary tactic, not indicative of being a klutz.

Is everyone just assuming that Boehner will be re-elected? I live in his district and we actually have a credible candidate running against him – Justin Coussoule. He’s a first-timer, an unknown, and I’m sure he’s underfunded, but he looks like he could do a good job if he could just get his case (and name and face) out there.

Coussoule for Congress

Except, of course, when it is:

Sigh And to think Democrats had a chance to get rid of Harry Reid… of all the races for Republicans to blow, why’d it have to be this one?

Subtraction by addition.

His bio reads like he’s an ideal American political candidate, grown in a vat. :eek:

Well, except for his connection with the Satanists of Proctor & Gamble . . .

Interestingly, he doesn’t appear to mention his party affiliation at all on his official site. Is “Democrat” that dangerous a word in his district?

Well, duh. It’s a district that has regularly reelected John Boehner, after all.

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His district hasn’t elected a Democratic (or non-Republican, for that matter) Congressman since 1933.

I have to wonder: If a district is so heavily slanted against a party that members of that party don’t even mention it, is there any real chance of said members winning? I mean, the party affiliation is still going to show up on the ballot, which (it seems to me) would be the most important place.

As a challenger from the minority party in that congressional district, you can always hope that the entrenched incumbent either dies or has a terrible scandal late in the campaign but insists on remaining on the ballot, such that disgusted voters go for you. But you’ll have a helluva time hanging onto the seat two years later, when (as almost invariably happens) the majority party runs a much stronger candidate against you.

Good god, the woman is a cartoon character. A plague on Nevada if they elect this ignorant animal.

So now what?