NFL: 1-1-1 record, unique?

Have there been many teams to open a season with a tie, a loss and a win?


This Browns team is the 14th NFL team to open a season 1-1-1.

The last team to do it was the Broncos in 1987, a strike-shortened year. They made it to the Super Bowl, losing to Washington.

Note that before 1974, the NFL didn’t have overtime for regular season games. Thus all the teams with a 1-1-1 record in 1971-1973.

Well then we’ll be seeing the Browns in the SB this year (probably playing against the Rams). I’m going to call my bookie.

Since the merger. I’m sure there were boatloads of teams to do it before the merger, given lower scores and no overtime.

And now the Packers!

Add the Vikings also.

Damn club’s got way too many members all of a sudden. They might start to think it’s the “in” thing.

Well, “in” is just a portion of “win.”

Well, that’s typical of the Browns, to just get a portion of “win”.

I’m betting none of them continue the trend and go on to a 1-1-1-1 record.

Now I wonder what we could use as the fourth “1”. :smiley:

Do NOT count the Browns out in the attempt to make this happen! :stuck_out_tongue:

The #1 reason for two ties in two straight weeks is the reduction of the 15 minute sudden death overtime period to 10 minutes. Not sure why the NFL cut it down other than player safety, I guess . . . .

If unique now, it won’t be for long. Two ties and one OT game to go late this week is an obvious result of the new OT 10 minute rule. It used to take three years to get two ties.

Oops, I replied before I saw this post. Safety, of course. Or the NFL decided there weren’t enough unresolved conflicts.

I’m guessing it was because of games like the 6-6 slog between Seattle and Arizona two years ago that seemed to take forever and left players on both teams absolutely exhausted. And it was not compelling to watch either. That kind of overtime needed to be cut by 1/3.

There might even be another one tonight, if the Steelers win.