NFL 2020: Wild Card Playoffs

Things in Seattle went as I feared they might. A really good defensive performance from the Seahawks but the offense didn’t have it.

I’m not sure giving up 164 yards rushing and 23 points is a “really good defensive performance”. Especially considering the starting QB was injured early, and the replacement had an injured thumb that made him look pretty poor all day.

Washington playoff win drought may extend to a 16th year…

A lot of those points came off of mistakes from the offense and special teams. Not all, or even most, but take away the pick 6 and the punt fumble and the game would be a lot closer. Considering how long they were out there the defense did great, and only gave up a few big plays.

They didn’t do as well against the run as I’d have hoped though, and if they had been then Seattle may have eked out a win despite an anemic and mistake-prone offense. But overall the defense was good, showing a lot of pressure on either QB and defending the pass well, and also getting a number of key stops in the run game (just not a big enough number to win).

Is it time for the Taylor Heinicke era to begin?

Quite possibly, also time for the John Wolford era somewhere.

Oh my god that drop.

Like the announcer said, It wasn’t a drop it was a whiff.

“Feels like a light year of time”

Not great officiating today.

Question of the day: How will the NFL officials wreck the Saints this year?

Great hot take. Lol

What a sloppy game so far. Dropped passes, turnovers, missed opportunities and way too much officiating. Good defensive play so far, but it sure would be nice to see an offense show up.

The Colts lost because of terrible decisions by Frank Reich. His arrogance cost them the game.

It is fucking absurd that Stefanski is being treated like he’s being punished/suspended instead of being allowed to call his coordinators.

Well that started pretty well for the Browns.

Hey at least Cleveland won’t be shut out.

Go Brownies, keep it up for 58 more minutes.

Unexpected. This team is playing hard as duck.

Or moose.

20 years in the wilderness, for what had been one of the most successful franchises in the history of the league.

I did not expect 3 interceptions and a huge Cleveland lead. Good for them.

Anyone else scared they’ll find a way to blow it?

To continue this discussion… next weekend the Bucs and Saints will meet for the third time this season.