NFL 2021: Week Ocean's Eleven

And, for the 85th time, I don’t ignore championships, they’re just not the best measure of a QB.

But we’ve beaten this dead horse to glue.

And now it’s unvaccinated Amari Cooper who is going to cost his team at least two games.

The Cowboys have a lot of depth at WR so they should be able to get by without Coop. But it’s the number of other possibly-infected Cowboys that concerns me.

And yet for some reason you feel compelled to just randomly take shots at Eli for no reason.

Dismissing Eli’s success as “luck” is some serious bullshit. At least he won a second time to show the first time wasn’t a fluke. Is Rodgers ever going to do that? Maybe his one win was the fluke, and it’s his championship that came via luck. (He certainly choked like a dog against Eli in the 2011 divisional round.)

Good luck with that Eli is better than Rodgers argument. I’m sure that’ll serve you well.

Having seen Eli rip apart my Cowboys’ defense for almost a decade, I will confidently say his two SB rings are no fluke.

I don’t think Eli was a fluke, at all. I also do not believe Eli was ever as physically gifted a QB as Aaron. Nor as gifted as his own brother.

Yeah, this argument boils down to “Eli was better than Dan Marino”, and that’s … a take, certainly.

Pretty much. It’s pretty tiresome.

It depends, is Marino wearing his Isotoners in any given contest?

I don’t recall arguing that Eli was better than Rodgers. Could somebody quote where I did that?

I’m arguing that you can’t discount Eli’s Superbowls as luck. Eli demonstrated it wasn’t luck by winning it a second time. As opposed to guys like Joe Flacco or Brad Johnson. Or more recently, Nick Foles. Eli’s second win puts him in a class clearly ahead of those guys.

Now, Aaron Rodgers’ body of work strongly suggests that his one Superbowl win wasn’t a fluke. But it does not demonstrate it conclusively like winning a second time would.

My point is it’s really fucking stupid to knock someone’s rings as luck-based or flukey when the guy you’re criticizing won a second time to prove you wrong already.

It’s even more stupid when your own guy has not won a second time to prove that his wasn’t a fluke. I’m not saying Eli is better than Rodgers. (Nor have I ever argued that, I believe in my entire life.) I’m saying that Eli has conclusively proven that his rings weren’t a fluke, or luck-based, while Rodgers has yet to do that. So it’s a particularly stupid fucking comment for Hamlet to make about Eli. Out of the blue, for no reason other than to just piss me off. As in me, specifically, Ellis Dee.

To clarify, I don’t ever recall arguing Eli was a better passer than any quarterback. His stats were clearly #3 of his draft class, and compared to the rest of the league, what was he, top 12 usually? (That’s just a guess.) So obviously I would never argue Eli was a better passer.

Eli had a an elite career, though. Winning two Superbowls is elite. And not just winning, but being the single most important contributor in both of those wins. The MVP rankings for both Superbowls looks something like:

#1 The defensive line collectively
#2 Eli Manning
#3 The offensive line collectively
#4 Any specific defensive lineman (Strahan, Osi, Tuck)

Eli wasn’t carried. He wasn’t hidden. He was out front leading the team to victory. And if you thought the first time was a fluke, he said hold my beer and did it again.

Remember, in the first Superbowl win Eli handed his defense a fourth quarter lead. The defense responded by losing the lead and most of the clock, allowing like a 7-minute touchdown drive and handing Eli back a 4-point deficit with under 3 minutes to play. Also remember that the Tyree catch was not required for the victory. That was 3rd and 5. Surely a miracle isn’t required to convert 4th and 5 if Tyree can’t hold on.

I have argued in the past that Eli is a my guy, and I wouldn’t have wanted to trade him for Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. It’s a mighty stretch to interpret that as saying that Eli is a better passer than Rodgers.

Because this is so fucking tiresome, I’ll make this brief. These are strawmen. You’ve built them, and continue to build them, ever since the first time I opined that Eli doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. You pretend I think that Eli is only lucky, that I think that Eli is incapable of playing well, or that I think Eli is a bad QB. Then you point to his Super Bowl rings. It’s boring, been done to death, and of interest to no one.

And you left off Eli’s best comp: Jim Plunkett.

Because you say stupid shit like this:

Out of nowhere. No context. Nobody was talking about Eli. Just a random potshot discounting Eli as “lucky.” That’s some bullshit.


Unless you’re trying to weasel your way out by saying you were “just asking questions”, which I don’t think anyone on this board is going to buy, you very clearly argued that Eli was better than Rodgers.

I understand why you’re backpedaling after having time to cool off, but own up to what you said. It’s on the record here.

I can’t stand Rodgers. He’s a crybaby diva, an asshat off the field and sometimes pathetic on the field, where we’ve watched him give up on a conference championship game halfway through. I’m also very much not a Packers fan. But it’s hard to objectively argue that there has been a better QB in the NFL aside from maybe Brady.

It’s become a lot less fun rooting for the Packers, for me at least, after learning what kind of utter douchebag Aaron Rodgers is.

What’s up with the Bills? Thought they were supposed to be SB contenders. Is it injuries, or have defenses (and offenses, apparently) just figured out how to beat them, and they haven’t adjusted?

Cam Newton 2021 is the same as the Cam Newton who left the Panthers the last time. Still capable of electric running plays and the occasional good pass, but too often inept at the basics. Today’s loss to the WFT was not his fault alone, the supposedly good defense let Washington run all over them and they hurt themselves with penalties, but he still leads too many 3-and-outs.

I didn’t get to watch the game, but my god every other “game break” and the halftime show was about Cam’s outstanding return to Carolina, like he really was Superman, instead of the same QB he’s been for the last 5 years.

The announcers for the Saints/Eagles game said the Eagles broke the Saints’ streak of games allowing fewer than 30 points, which had been the second-longest active streak in the NFL at 10 games. Current longest is the Steelers at 40 consecutive games. (!)