NFL 2021: Week Six Degrees of Parity

Yep, can’t play the same week twice. However, if a player gets traded to a team that has already had their bye week and the original team hasn’t, they could play 17 18 regular season games in one year.

That could be a really crafty way for a player to pad his stats to break a record…

Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury out with Covid, seems like the Cards can’t catch a break.

I feel like I’m watching a good college football game. Lots of RPOs, lots of single reads, lots of quick, horizontal passes close to the line of scrimmage. The defense is adequate, but nothing too exotic. And offenses struggle in the red zone.

I haven’t seen much of either team, so I’m guessing (hoping), that it is just to get these young QBs comfortable.

800+ yards of offense and just 43 points. Please dont make me watch anymore Jags or Dolphins.

It’s amazing that Daniel Jones is starting in 2 minutes. That concussion looked bad last week. I fear for his well-being similar to how I felt when Teddy Bruschi came back from a stroke.

I am concerned with how the rats are dismantling a pretty good Chargers team.

Well, we got one interesting thing from the Rams-Giants game. A scorigami.

As a scorigami fan, I love it. As a Giants fan, not so much.

Pretty typical of a Packers/Bears game of the last decade or so. Bears defense plays well enough to keep it close for awhile, but a lack of offensive firepower and Packers’ protecting the ball leads to a Packer win. Fields, once again, looks better running/scrambling than reading defenses and passing. Dare I say he looked a bit like, gasp, a more accurate Trubisky. He needs to process what is going on faster, and avoid happy feet. He’s still young, though, so there is hope.

Although they get the win, 3 more starters leave the game with injuries for the Packers. Health is getting to be a huge issue.

If the reffing continues like this the stadium full of Browns fans are going to swarm the field and eat the refs alive.

TJ Watt had like 6 seconds of teeing off on a dude’s head and body with uppercuts and jabs and it was cool because he maybe could’ve knocked the ball out of his hands if he knocked the guy out.

The second-half Chiefs looked like what they were supposed to look like (after Mahomes ended the half with perhaps the worst pass in NFL history (and certainly his worst pass as a pro)). Of course, the WFT isn’t necessarily a real test, but maybe this will get them back on track.

I’m wondering if the NFL might offer St. Louis another team in an effort to placate them, but what team could it be? Who might want to move?

Even though I’m a Bears fan, I truly pity the Lions’ misfortune. When I start to feel sorry for our plight, I think, “We could be the Lions.” Then I feel better. When that 66 yard field goal bounced off the crossbar and over for the game winner by the Ravens, I could only shake my head in amazement.

I remember, years ago, “Megatron” caught a last second game winning pass against my Bears but, as he rolled over and got to his feet, he released the football before his hand left the ground. Ruling: incomplete! Bears “win”!! Amazing. They must have somehow offended the football gods because they are truly cursed.

I thought we played well, but we just aren’t strong enough yet to beat the best teams unless they give us some help and, to the Packers’ credit, they gave us none. They had zero fumbles and interceptions, and their penalties were almost non-existent. Our offensive line simply didn’t allow Fields enough time to throw on way too many occasions.

That and the better teams can overcome the weirdo calls and in-game BS that tends to happen. The Bears had the ball at one point and the Packers jumped offsides so Fields thought he had a free play, threw deep and got an interception in the end zone. The refs, however, never called the offsides. Then at the end of the half, the refs called delay of game instead of giving Fields a time out (I’m not sure if there was a TO available at that point). There was another play where Fields got speared in the head after he slid but the unsportsmalike call was offset by a holding. Better teams get past those things but the Bears end up stumbling further when it happens to them.

Get up at 3:45, jump on a plane, travel to stadium, watch the WFT do okay the first half but get dismantled in the second, travel to airport, jump on a plane, home at 9:30.

Fandom is a hell of a drug.

The officiating in the Packers-Bears game was predictably horrible and one-sided. It wasn’t the difference, but I’m frankly sick and fucking tired of watching it.

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Fields simply doesn’t have it. He can make some elite downfield throws but he’s doesn’t have nearly the in-game speed that he shows on the track and he’s just not good at making short, chain-moving throws. He consistently whiffs when throwing to the back out of the backfield and hitting quick slants and screens. Maybe it can be learned, but he’s definitely not picking things up half as fast as Herbert did.

I thought this statement had to be exaggerated, but the video says no.

It looked like what you’d expect from a couch potato fan who won the “Be an NFL quarterback for one play!” lottery.