NFL 2021: Week Six Degrees of Parity

The game of the week just might be Chargers vs. Ravens. Both are in the lead in their respective divisions and this game may have playoff seeding implications.

The Browns at 3-2 are favored over the Cardinals at 5-0. That’s crazy

After five weeks, both Buffalo and Tennessee and Dallas have 2 game leads in their division.

KC is in last place in he AFC West and on pace to not even make the playoffs

Anyways here are the odds
Tampa Bay -7 @ Philadelphia

Miami -3.5 @ Jacksonville
Cincinnati -3 @ Detroit
KC -6.5 @ Washington
Green Bay -4.5 @ Chicago
Minnesota +1.5 @ Carolina
LA Chargers +3 @ Baltimore
LA Rams -10.5 @ NY Giants
Houston +10 @ Indianapolis
Arizona +2.5 @ Cleveland
Dallas -4 @ New England
Las Vegas +3.5 @ Denver
Seattle +4.5 @ Pittsburgh

Monday Night
Buffalo -5.5 @ Tennessee

As a KC fan, I can tell you that the Chiefs are in serious trouble. Their defensive woes are well-documented: last in the league in points allowed at 32.6 ppg, and second-last in yards allowed per game at 437.4.

This of course forces the offense to play near-flawless football, and they certainly haven’t done that. They are second-last in turnover differential, and are tied with Jacksonville for most turnovers per game at 2.2. Defenses have seemed to figure out how to slow down and stop Mahomes. Most of the time there’s just a four-man pass rush, designed to keep Mahomes in the pocket while 7 defenders cover 4 or 5 receivers. While their rushing offense is better than in past years, it’s still not great.

Having said all that, there are still 12 games to play, and there are winnable games on the schedule. But they need to start winning those games now.

I’ll be at FedEx on Sunday, and am hoping they’ll wait one more week. :wink:

Washington’s defense hands out career games like Halloween candy. I think KC will be fine.

Although I will say that once every season, Washington crushes one team they should have no chance against. There’s still a lot of season to go, and lot of good teams left on WFT’s schedule, but this would fit the bill as much as any other.

As a Cowboys fan who lived in upstate New York for a while, I am rooting hard for a Dallas-Buffalo Super Bowl. Shades of old time nostalgia, too.

But first, want to beat the Patriots. We haven’t done that since the 1990s; New England and Denver are the two teams that Dallas has gone the longest without beating.

The Lions truly are snakebit.

Center Frank Ragnow, who was a Pro Bowler last year, will now be out for the season, needing to have surgery on a toe injury.

It’s Packers week. That is all.

Yes - both of these three teams are lookin’ good.

Should be an interesting game. Packers will be without a couple All Pro starters, have a hastily recontsructed O line, and are on the road, so a lot to like if you’re a Bears fan. Fortunately for the Packers they still have Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams, and the Bears still have Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy.

It sure would be nice to have your best pass rusher and your stud CB when facing a rookie QB, but such is life in the NFL. The Bears offensive line is pretty awful though, and Fields’ play against the Raiders was fine, but not scary. I expect a heavy reliance on the run by the Bears.

I expect a tough, close game.

I will be there on Sunday, I would certainly enjoy that.…

Some interesting NFL News today. The city of St. Louis is suing walking pile of human excrement Stan Kroenke for moving the Rams to LA in violation of NFL rules and in breach of contract. The NFL has, as usual, sought delay after delay, dragging this thing out for as long as possible.

This week, the judge on the case found 4 owners (Clark Hunt, Jerry Jones, Robert Kraft and John Mara) in contempt for refusing to turn over their teams’ financial information in discovery, The NFL has long refused to open their books for fear of the NFLPA would find out how much they really make, and they continue to do so now. It will be interesting to see how this contempt order plays out.

Kroenke should call the move a “reverse Frontiere” as a defense.

They’re never going to jail a bunch of billionaires, and they can pay $500 fines literally forever. In other words, nothing. Absolutely nothing will happen.

They have a contempt hearing set December 8th. We will see how it goes, but I’d think you’re correct none of the 4 will be sent to jail anytime soon.

Is Jalen Hurts really the starter in Philadelphia? He doesn’t look like a real quarterback. Who’s the backup?

In the first half he went 5 of 14 for 54 yards. That is no bueno. (He did have one touchdown and one pick, which looks much better than if he had none of either, but still.)

Joe Flacco! :rofl:

I believe they picked up Minshew at some point. Looks like he’s inactive tonight. Yikes!

Hurts is throwing a great deep “get a DPI” ball.

I like going for two down 14 to pull within six. All of a sudden you’re way more in the game when a touchdown wins it outright.

So, is Zac Ertz eligible to play Sunday - assuming he picks up a handful of plays. Are there any existing rules about this? Anyone want to speculate how Fantasy Leagues will handle it if he does play? May make a difference for me.


Per the NFL rules, Ertz is not allowed to play again this week and is out for Sunday’s game against the Browns.

The former Philadelphia Eagle will make his debut with Arizona in Week 7 against the Houston Texans.