NFL 2022: Divisional Round

This is true. Their receiving corps is best known for YAC. So you just need to, say, flick it 5 yards for a 20 yard play or whatever.

But I’m not saying he’s not really good. Even an idiot proof offense would be hard for many rookies I imagine.

One thing about Birds and Giants: Wherher or not Giants stop Eagles… will they stop Boston Scott?? :grin:

Tiny kid has 10 TDS, 7 of them on Giants.

Hey, this is the internet - if we can’t edit quotes to suit our purposes, what good is it? And I’d heard (after I posted) that he was taken out of context, but I’d argue not terribly so - he gave props to the atmosphere, but then dared :roll_eyes: to suggest their stadium was equivalently loud:

And while I don’t know how much louder Arrowhead is, the Guinness record is grasped tightly in the arms of the local fans.

I was in attendance at that MNF game when the record was set. It was a glorious 41-14 romp over the Brady-led Patriots. I seem to remember that the game also featured the NFL debut of Jimmy Garoppolo.

I believe that would have put it in that brief stretch where Brady was suspended for deflating footballs. It’s so weird to remember that’s a thing that happened.

Nope, that didn’t happen until 2016.

However, following the conclusion of the season, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit reinstated Brady’s four-game suspension, which became effective for the 2016 regular season. After losing a request for a rehearing, Brady announced he would accept the suspension and missed the season’s first four games.

Also from Wiki:

In 2014, Garoppolo made his regular season debut in the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ Week 4 41–14 road loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Oh, shit. Mahomes injured. Gonna be that kind of day…

Just tuned in. What happened to him?

Got his ankle rolled on after he threw a pass.

That was for the just now touchdown, not the injury.

Why was Mahomes still on the sideline? He should have been back in the locker room with the trainers using baling wire and duct tape to get him back in the game as soon as Henne went in.

I think that’s when he went to the locker room.

I thought I saw him on the sideline when Henne had the TD drive.

Am I the only one thinking that Arden Key flopped intentionally on Mahomes leg? Pretty well disguised and I don’t remember him having a track record of being dirty. But that was a pretty unnatural motion for him.

Well, at any rate, he was in the locker room well before halftime.

He went to the locker room early in the 2nd quarter. He was back on the sideline before the half. He then was seen running back to the locker room just ahead of everyone at the half.

Two things regarding the game:

Chiefs defense really stepped up, although they were assisted greatly by an unforced fumble by the Jags.

Chad Henne guided the Chiefs on a 98-yard touchdown drive.

Itching to bet this Giants-Eagles game but I cannot decide which way to go.

Those injuries on the Eagles scare the crap out of me but I do not trust the Giants offense at all. Probably should keep my money in my pocket.

So Eagles are favored over the {\color{blue}\mathbf{GIANTS}} by 8.

Due to start 8:15pm Eastern Time tonight on Fox.

Eagles won both games this season over the {\color{blue}\mathbf{GIANTS}}. But in the 2nd game at least he {\color{blue}\mathbf{GIANTS}} had their backups in. But in the first game, the {\color{blue}\mathbf{GIANTS}} got skunked, losing 48-22. And it wasn’t that close.

Eagles are the favored to win the NFC this year.

The Rivalry stretches back to 1933. Though I think both fanbases hate the Cowboys more.

Eagles are coming off a bye and {\color{blue}\mathbf{GIANTS}} are coming off their highest scoring game of the season.
Both teams have strong defenses.

All in all the Eagles are easily the favorite, but the {\color{blue}\mathbf{GIANTS}} have a punchers chance at least.

Ouch, that was far too fast on a TD.

And the NFL embarrasses itself with broken chains delaying the game.