NFL Coaching carousel, who stays and who goes 2017 edition

Not just my prowess, yours too. I think practically anybody could have gone 1-31 the past two years. I’d gladly do so a lot cheaper, and so would you.

LOL…once I think everyone around me, players, assistants, managers and owners realized I didn’t know a damn thing about coaching NFL football, I wouldn’t have a tenure lasting two games, let alone two years.

While I agree that, had you told me a year ago that Del Rio would be fired before 2018, I’d think you were crazy… he did sorta deserve to get fired. I definitely feel for the guy (getting fired from coaching your childhood team sucks) but the Raiders had a LOT of problems this year that seemed to stem from his coaching. The whole offensive coordinator switch from Musgrave to Downing was a horrible mistake, and the defensive coordinator situation with Ken Norton Jr. as a lame duck coach with Pagano waiting the wings was also messy. The team suddenly got bad at all the little things - receivers not catching, line not blocking, DBs miscommunicating coverages - all that goes to coaching.

He basically proved to be what a lot of people figured he would be, a coach that would pull the team out of the dumpster but only as far as mediocrity. (And the Raiders only made the playoffs once on his watch, he went 7-9, 12-4, 6-10).

I don’t think Gruden is the answer (guy hasn’t coached in a decade and never once had a top-16 offense in Tampa) but at least he’ll kick the pants of the players. Del Rio was fine went things were going good but things definitely unraveled this year.

Jim Caldwell is now gone per NFL mobile app…

John Fox also got the axe

Bruce Arians ‘retires’ from coaching. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Isn’t he pretty old now?

Arians is really old, 65 right now, but you wouldn’t know it to look at him. Tied with Belicheck and Carroll for oldest in the league.

The Browns keeping Hue Jackson is the dumbest thing they’ve done in at least 2 years.

Even if you buy into the argument that Hue is a good coach hobbled by a bad organization, which is a massive fucking leap of faith, you’re basically sending a message to every potential free agent and draft pick that 1 win in 2 seasons is the status quo. You’re also indicating to everyone in the organization that 1-31 is good enough to keep your job, that excuses are good currency and that winning ultimately doesn’t fucking matter.

What a disgrace of a organization.

Ah, for some reason I thought he was like Tom Coughlin old, like almost mid-70’s.

Still, 65 with millions in your pocket and not having to deal with the stress of an NFL head coaching job and all the hours it entails? I’d probably retire too. Plus the Cardinals need to reload/rebuild at a number of positions, not the least of which is QB.

The Bears shit-canned John Fox in one of the least surprising developments of the 2017 season. Fox would have had to go 12-4 this year to keep his job and even then, maybe not. He’s clearly a terrific guy, the players love him and we’re certainly better off now than we were when he joined the organization, but he absolutely needed to go.

I think the Bears will be a desirable job. Stable front-office, young QB that had a solid rookie campaign, young roster with lots of cap space and draft picks, and a general sense of optimism and a healthy culture.

If I’m a HC candidate, would I rather go to Arizona or New York for the death throes of Eli and Carson’s careers? Do I want to work for Jim Irsay, Mark Davis or Mike Brown? I suppose you can make a strong case for the Lions with Stafford or the Raiders with Carr. Luck is still probably tempting in spite of the health questions. Not sure if replacing guys like Lewis and Arians, who have been successful, is considered appealing to a prospective HC or not. It likely adds pressure and urgency.

While Mike McCarthy remains as Packers head coach, there’s a significant housecleaning going on at Lambeau. Departures include:

  • GM Ted Thompson (moving to an “advisor” role)
  • Defensive coordinator Dom Capers, along with his ILB and DL coaches

That Jackson still has a job is either a signal that he has blackmail on Haslam or due to the sheer hubris of Dorsey. 1-31 isn’t bad. It isn’t horrendous. It’s an insult - to the fans, to the NFL, and to the players.

TT’s departure has been in the works for several years. I could absolutely see Eliot Wolf stepping in as GM, as all the rumors for the last several years have pointed to him having increasing authority. If he’s a little less conservative than Ted when it comes to free agents, I’ll be over the moon.

Capers being gone is definitely a long time coming. I’ve said it elsewhere - his defenses just don’t mesh with the current landscape of the NFL. Young players simply don’t have the time to learn the intricacies, and you simply can’t pay everyone. There’s no one thing you can point to and say, “Aha!”, but so many little things add up eventually.

Don’t give up on the idea of more mediocrity in Cincinnati just yet.

Hemming & hawing in Cincinnati

In reality, EVERYONE who has ever been hired as an NFL head coach is a smart, capable guy who knows infinitely more about football than I do. I shouldn’t have to state that since it’s so self-evident, but there. It’s on the record.

John Fox is a superb coach who probably deserved to get fired. The same is true for Jack Del Rio. The same is true of hundreds of men who’ve been axed. Sooner or later, MOST great coaches will get fired. Very few get to retire on their own terms.

By any reasonable standard Hue Jackson deserves to be fired. Are the Browns’ woes all/mostly his fault? Of course not. He’s smart, a solid offensive coordinator, and he seems like a decent man. But he’s still been an abject failure, and the new GM should have the right to clean house and bring in his own coach. There’s no way an 0-16 coach (in this case, it is LITERALLY true that I won as many NFL games as Jackson did) can be let off the hook completely.

Perhaps the worst thing about the Hue Jackson non firing is that it was almost certainly an owner’s decision. With the Green Bay GM slot opening I wonder if John Dorsey is having regrets at climbing aboard the Jimmy Haslam train.

The Browns just asked for permission to interview Texan’s QB coach Sean Ryan, for promotion to OC and sadly not a HC. Hue made waAaaay too many game day errors to not relinquish play calling duties. Anything would help.

Bruce has also had some health problems lately. He did some good things in Arizona but it’s better for him to retire now and enjoy some time off. The Cards will need some rebuilding, coach and players both.

Due to not living in the Cleveland area and the fact that the NFL and the TV networks have chosen to not subject the rest of us to the Browns I’ve not had the opportunity to see them play this season, at all, so I have to ask those who have: would a different coach really have made that much difference?

I was listening to a Season Ticket, the Boston Globe/WBUR sports podcast today as they were discussing interest in Pats coordinators Matt Patricia (defense) and Josh McDaniels (offense). Apparently the rumor is that the Lions are interested in Patricia, but both journalists basically thought he would be a disaster as a HC - they did not hold back on the criticism at all. Not much discussion of McDaniels, but they expected him to get an offer somewhere and depart NE this year. He was pretty damn lousy as HC of the Broncos, IMO, so I wonder if teams might be a little gunshy, offensive “genius” though he may be.

Marvin Lewis signs a two year extension, so that prediction was wrong
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