NFL Coaching carousel, who stays and who goes?

Tomorrow is Black Monday, when several NFL coaches are likely to be fired. Who do you think is likely to be fired?

My guesses on the hot seat coaches.

  1. Mike Shanahan. Washington has been a circus, it’s time for a change. They paid too high a price for RG III. Another coach has got to see if it will work.

  2. Leslie Frazier. The Vikings have been awful this year.

  3. Dennis Allen. The Raiders have been playing quarterback roulette all year.

  4. Tom Coughlin won’t be fired, but he will resign.

  5. I think the Cowboys will beat the Eagles and Jason Garrett keeps his job.

  6. I think the Rex Ryan circus continues for another year in New York.

  7. Mike Munchak is done in Tennessee

  8. I think Schiano does end up back in college, probably at Penn State since it is all but certain the O’Brien is coming to the NFL.

Not on your list: Jim Schwartz (Detroit). I think he should go, because the Lions during his tenure have been a talented team that kept finding ways to lose games they should have won. I think he’ll stay, though because Detroit takes far too long to change incompetent personnel (see Matt Millen’s 7 years as GM).

I just came in here to mention Schwartz, I think he’s gone. What a clusterfuck that team has been all year. How could I forget that mess.

NBC is thinking that the Browns could be in for a coaching change.

I think this might be more smoke than fire, but if the Browns could potentially end up with a proven name, who knows.

Chudzinski is officially done in Cleveland.

I’ll also be watching to see which Coordinators are canned.

Dom Capers and Mel Tucker could both possibly be done in the NFC North. Monte Kiffin is probably done in Dallas. Jim Caldwell was terrible in Baltimore, Kevin Gilbride was a trainwreck in NYC.

I wonder if Philbin will be canned in Miami for the Jonathan Martin fiasco and the missed playoff run.

Well, Dallas didn’t win. Do you still think Garrett keeps his job?

Chud being fired is pretty surprising. I mean, yes, you expect a young team with new coaches to get better as the year went on, and they didn’t, but after Haslam made a big deal about the Steelers model of front office stability and blah blah, it’s pretty unexpected. There was probably some sort of behind the scenes stuff - Lombardi and Banner, the guys running the show, are pretty douchebaggy and petty.

I can only guess they have a specific candidate that they couldn’t get last year and they just kept Chud for a year to warm the seat. Rumor is that they want McDaniels. Which I actually don’t hate all that much. But this is a lot of upheaval. I want them to keep on the coordinators anyway.

Maybe Lovie? They have a history of recycling Bears. McDaniels would almost certainly mean Norv is gone. I always thought Norv+Lovie would be a heck of a combo.

Not sure what the preferences are in Houston, but Lovie would probably love to have that hometown gig with a patient owner who doesn’t meddle.

I don’t know why people keep saying this. Coughlin has no reason to be fired or resign.

He won’t be fired. He will leave if he feels like retiring. He is the oldest coach. There was only some much he could do. He couldn’t get on the line and block so Eli didn’t spend so much time on his back this season.

The Bucs fired Greg Schiano and GM Mark Dominik.

Jim Schwartz is also gone.

Frazier is out.

The deathwatch is gathered at Mike Shanahan’s doorstep, but still waits …

No, Shanahan is gone. The whole coaching staff is out, and just for good measure, the team fired deputy equipment manager Marcus Shanahan (no relation).

Note to Dan Snyder: Sometimes the problem isn’t with everyone else in your organization.

He is the living embodiment of that saying- and the original ‘if everyone you meet is an asshole, you’re the asshole’ version.

Yikes. Just one guy’s opinion of course, but still.

I don’t understand that move at all. The Browns were (conservatively) eight million times better than any objective observer thought they’d be. Sure, they only won four games, but they were in nearly all of them, despite a revolving door at quarterback.

I’m happy to see Schiano go. Not happy at all about Dominik; he put together an excellent roster, and he’s basically taking the fall for the Josh Freeman debacle (which wasn’t really his fault.)

Lovie Smith has to be the #1 candidate for the Bucs’ head coaching job. Maybe we can bring back Rich McKay to run the front office. :cool:

Much as I dislike Snyder, Mike Shanahan is ridiculously overrated. At least Snyder doesn’t think he knows football (unlike certain other activist owners I could name.)

Not only was the firing of Chudzinski kind of surprising, but the speed as well. The Browns were so passionately eager to move on that they couldn’t wait until Black Monday like all the other teams who were ready for new coaches? Mike Shanahan basically painted “FIRE ME” on Daniel Snyder’s house, and even he was given the extra day.