NFL Draft: Does Al Davis have a Napoleon complex?

Napoleon McCallum, Napoleon Kaufman, Napoleon Harris–are there any Napoleons in NFL history who did not play for the Raiders?

Napoleon McCallum was a waste, and Napoleon Kaufman was a reasonably serviceable third-down back, so maybe the upward trend will continue and Napoleon Harris will be a good starter!

I can’t say that Napoleon McCallum was a waste, per se, but he did have one of the greatest career-ending injuries on MNF, as I recall. It wasn’t quite Joe Thiesmann, with the bone poking out of his leg, but it was quite nasty (a knee bending the wrong way, as I recall).

But enough about Naploleons, I wanna know who’s going to corner the market on Adolphs. I’m betting Baltimore.

All I can hope for is that Ryan Sims turns out to be a bust. The Vikings could’ve grabbed him when Dallas ran out the clock without making a pick while they were making a trade with the Chiefs.

Instead the Vikings waited and took McKinney, a 345-lb offensive left guard.

Oh well, I’m sure Mr. Culpepper thought it was a good move.