As a resident of Houston and a football fanatic, I’m anxiously awaiting the NFL’s decision next month on whether to award the thirty-second team to Houston or Los Angeles. In my opinion, Houston has the better ownership, the better stadium plan, and the better fans.

As a side issue, if Houston does get the franchise, what would be a good nickname for the team?


The Houston Shitkickers?

just kidding

I think we have a lot of animals now, maybe something a little different, like Scorpions.

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Just what we need: insect mascots in the NFL.

How about the Houston Mosquitos? That would be very apropos for our city.


Houston Hogs

Los Angeles is a complete dump. No way should they be given a football team. They had two, and lost both! Shit, I think we should consider taking the Dodgers, the Lakers and the Kings away from them.


Oohh, can we have the Dodgers back? We’ll take good care of them, I promise. You know, there was a time when the name referred to dodging streetcars, not drive-bys.


Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

I live in L.A., and I quite agree; give the football team to Houston. Apparently we don’t know how to take care of football teams when we have them, and (barring the odd obssessive politician) everyone’s getting along very nicely without one. Now Houston; there’s a town that knows how to love a football team.

And now that you mention it, the Dodgers under Fox do seem like they’d fit in better in New York. Take them with my blessing.


Shitkickers? We wouldn’t have del Greco (sp?) anymore. If they’re anything like the Oilers we could have the Houston Assholes. And even though I lived there most of my life, I have to affectionately call it a shithole, which I mentioned in another thread.

Neither fucking city deserves a team. I don’t get it, the Oilers did everything they could to get a new stadium, but as soon as they leave there is a group who wants to build a stadium. You had your chance, you blew it. Houston could never fill a stadium when they were good. LA, don’t even get me started on them, the only people who want a team in LA is the league who (for some TV rights finacial reason) will make more money. The fans have never shown up for them. Leave things as they are, the NFL is at the peak, expanding will only hurt things.

Take an example from some real sports towns. Green Bay doesn’t even have 100,000 people and they have ticket waiting lists going for the next 5 years. The Bears have sucked for a decade and still sell out every game. Cleveland is just like Chicago, but lost their team because of a flat out bribe from Baltimore. KC, another small city fills its seats. When the largest and fourth largest cities can’t maintain a fan base make them earn a new team, or wait until a franchise seems to be struggling and then move them.

Forget Houston and Los Angeles. They should give a team to Cincinnati! :slight_smile:

A little nitpicking but New York City is larger than LA. It all boils down to money and revenue potential. Houston is better planned but is by far a larger market (Houston is #7 I think?). I dunno about Houston. Unless you win a division in your league you’ll get jack squat in attendence. The Oilers sucked and noone wanted them. Even the Astros were contemplating leaving because their owner was in the red a couple years back. Only last year has the ticket sales went up and that was because of Randy Johnson.
People tend to want what they don’t have and a football franchise seems more like a matter of pride to most of the public. Yes a football franchise would do well in LA but it hasn’t been sorely missed for the last five years because of college football, (what was up with the Rose Bowl?).
Oh yeah to answer the question, neither really needs a franshise. The 49ers and Cowboys (eh…) gets more viewers anyways…

Yeah, I misread my atlas and looked at LA county, not city. I bet the TV market is much bigger due to the massive suburban area.

If it’s gotta be one of the two, give it to Los Angeles. I was glad to see the Oilers leave. Now if you want some public financing for your facilities, I might entertain something along the lines of public ownership of the team.

I’ll bet there aren’t many in the NFL who like that idea.