NFL Football: Welcome Back, I Missed You Man!!

Well, I’ve made it through another off-season. Pre-season games start this weekend, and I’m excited about even that. (Especially the 7/31 Monday Night Game with new announcer Dennis Miller).

Yes, I admit it (and I’m proud of it) - I’m and NFL addict. A junkie. Once the regular season begins I can go from 10am until 11pm every Sunday doing nothing but watching games and highlights. Hell, between the games, highlights, newspapers, magazines, web sites, discussions, and talk radio I’ll bet I know (or once knew) everything that happened in the league in the last 10 years. Of course, the Fantasy Football League only feeds the fire.

Some people may consider this excessive or unhealthy, but I enjoy it, it doesn’t hurt anyone (although, now that I think about it I do have a history of a lot of August-October breakups with girlfriends, but that’s just a coincidence), and it actually does form some bonds with other football fanatics.

Okay, let’s hear from the rest of the addicts. Or am I the only one who will admit it?

I, pepperlandgirl, am a football addict. I always have been, I probably always will be. I watch the games, the highlights. I attack strangers on the street and ask them who they think will win the next “big game.”

Football is second in my book, behind baseball.

But that doesn’t mean that every Sunday from September to January isn’t spent watching the games.


Ditto for me, about football being #2 behind baseball.

Hey, ResevoirDog, do you think the Bucs will make it past the Rams this year? The Rams basically have the same team as last year, but I hear the Bucs have made some offensive improvements. I’m looking foward to a rematch, since it was basically one play (Ricky Proehl’s only TD catch of the season) that won the game for the Rams. I thought the Rams would blow through the playoffs after the spanking they gave the Vikings, but the Bucs and then the Titans really made them earn the Championship.

GO RAMS!!! Repeat!!!

Ahhh, football. I am the commissioner of a fantasy league, so I will probably start a thread soon looking for a couple of owners to replace some of ours.

And, since it’s the preseason, we have to have at least one report of a player mysteriously disappearing. This year’s winner is Michael Booker, who apparently decided to wile away the time in a Waffle House, because his body hurt. OK.

He’s probably hanging out with Demitrius Underwood somewhere. :smiley:

BratMan007 said “but I hear the Bucs have made some offensive improvements.”

That’s way too casual and unimformed of a statement for this thread, BratMan. I mean c’mon, they signed Keyshawn-friggin-Johnson!!! The BUCS!! That’s an offensive superstar…on the BUCS!!! Yeah that’s an offensive improvement!!

Sorry, like I said – Addicted. Junkie. Fanatical.

First off, GO SKINS!!!

Second, I too am a football addict. I watch every weekend. Saturday is college day, Sunday and Monday are for the NFL. I can’t wait…we’re already discussing rules changes in my office fantasy league. (Came in second place last year…not bad for a rookie!)

Third, as some of you may recall, we had an SDMB fantasy football league over on Yahoo last year. Anyone interested in doing it again? Satan? Omni? Wanna see if this chick can whip your asses AGAIN? :wink:

Mammajesus is none too happy. Me and babyjesus will be parked in front of the tv all day Sunday.

NFL Europe just doesn’t cut it.

You read it here first.

(The NFC Championship game will be Bucs over the Rams. Titans will beat the Colts in the AFC game.)

As for when my beloved Cowboys will return to their winning ways, I’d rather not think about it. It looks like Aikman and Smith won’t ever see the SB again. If Smith hangs around another couple of seasons, he ought to break some more rushing records, but I don’t see them winning the SB again.

Congrats, after 9 years of fantasy football (several different leagues), I finally won our league last year (thank you Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Cris Carter and Marcus Robinson).


I was wondering if you guys already had one. I’m in if there’s room. Another good site for on line free leagues is I definitely prefer our local IRL league, but the on-line ones can be fun as well.

** Who dat talkin 'bout beatin dem SAINTS **


Ah, NFL football. I’m a fellow 'Skins fan along with Falcon. However, as is the case with most other major sports I have more than one team.

The Pats b/c I went to school in new england for high school

The Colts b/c my father is a fan . . . I like most sports stuff he likes

The 49ers because . . . I dunno, I just like them.

The Ravens b/c they are local, sorta.

In addition: Anyone who beats the Cowboys.

I’d say football is 2nd to baseball, with basketball close behind.

And Falcon, if it doesn’t cost anything for a yahoo team, you can count me in :slight_smile:

I am not merely a football adict. The english langauage does not contain words that do not grossly underestimate the level of dedication that I have for the game of American Football. I watch as many games as I can. I read websites, magazine articles. If they had a station that showed 24 hour NFL films shows, I would never leave the house. I play football video games. I generally maintain teams in 3-4 seperate fantasy sports leagues, and would do more if I didn’t think that playing more fantasy football would interfere with watching as much football as humanly possible. I read scholarly books on the history of football. I read scholarly books on strategy and business and psychology of football. I understand the fundemental differences between Canadian, NCAA, and NFL football and can explain what these difference do to the strategy of the game. I can explain “intentional grounding.” I bitch and moan about things that are “bad for the game:” Astro-turf, free agency, and Deion Sanders. I root for the New England Patriots, and have since my birth, and will continue to do so until I die regardless of where I live. I can and will watch any game between any two teams on any level, pro and amateur, and love every minute of it. I watch the NFL draft. I watch the Hall of Fame inductions. I watch the wacky “physical challenge” skills competitions where players have to throw footballs through swinging tires and run obstical courses for the pride of calling themselves winners of The NFL Interior Lineman Challange or The NFL Quarterback Challenge. Football is my religion, my passion, my reason for living. I have no desire to change.

Thank god I found a woman who could put up with this. You better believe I married that gal!

Amen, brother. In my house growing up, you rooted for two teams: The Patriots, and whoever was playing Dallas that year.


About five years ago some lovely people moved in across the street from us. All was well until we found out the mother of the household was a Cowboys fan.

I hope you share in my disgust. Keep in mind I live not 30 minutes from DC.

Football – aaaaaah.

In fact I sit here typing this with my 1997 AFC Champions tshirt on. I didn’t get the Super Bowl tshirt that year, I got earrings instead.

Yes, sterling silver earrings with the Denver Bronco horse on it. Quite tastefully done actually. Got them at 30% off as JC Penney had a 30% off sale on all sterling jewelry. If they were smart, they woulda hiked the price up on those that year.

I look to my right and there’s my #7 Elway bear. I look on my speaker and still have my pom pom from the Super Bowl parade I went to in 1998. In fact, I had taped the parade and watched it a couple of weeks ago.

Ah, the sounds of football. Lots of food, beer and yelling at the TV (or screaming at a game).

My life is happier now – football.

Finally, the only real sport is returning!

Go Cowboys!


Bills fan here, signing in.

Hey, why are people throwing things at me?

I mean, c’mon, we’ve got Doug Flutie! The heart and soul of the quarterback position! The only QB with his own cereal! With his arm, we’re going somewhere…

Oh. Nevermind.

What about Andre Reed? Hell, it doesn’t matter WHO is throwing the ball. With Andre’s acrobatic catches, our offense will be great no matter what…

Oh. Nevermind.

Well, we’ve still got the Thurmanator. Thurman Thomas. One of the greatest running backs of all time. He can bust through the smallest chinks in the armor of any defense…

Oh. Nevermind.

Well, we’ve got Bruce Smith! The man who strikes fear into the heart of any quarterback! Future Hall-of-Famer! At least we’ll have a good defense this year…

Oh. Nevermind.

Well, who do we have, then?

It’s gonna be a long year…

Go Bills!

jab1 - not a bad prediction. I think the Colts will make it in the AFC though. I see the NFC coming down to Washington and Tampa Bay. I give the 'Skins the edge.

andyman - actually, I think the 'Aints will have some good moments this year. Their offensive additions of Blake, Horn, Reed, and Glover will mean that defenses won’t be able to focus on Ricky Williams (and also that he won’t have to feel like it’s all up to him).

iampunha - (still think this may be the best username out there) Both the Yahoo and Sandbox leagues are free of charge.

jayron 32 - It sounds like we were separated at birth! Last year I was in one local IRL league, and 3 different on line fantsy leagues. Like you said, football is a religion.

Techchick68 - Oh great, now I have to go post in the “Ask the Guys who are in Love Techchick68” thread!! :smiley:

Drain Bead - I think Kurt Warner has his own cereal as well. But yeah, the “glory” days of the Bills are past after the off season fire sale – same goes for the Vikings.

You may see him as an offensive superstar while he’s with the Bucs, but unless he signs with the Rams, to me he’s just an offensive improvement.

My pics for the top teams to have to beat this year (in no particular order):

Rams Bucs Colts Redskins Titans

I don’t think the Vikings will be back as strong as last year. The Rams didn’t make the defensive improvements they should have during the draft, opting for more offense insted (what, we didn’t have enough offense last year?) The Bucs have (all understatement aside) seriously improved their offense and now their team has playoff experience and is no longer headed by a rookie QB. The Redskins will put up a fight, but it’s gonna be either the Rams or the Bucs vs the Titans or the Colts in the Superbowl this year.

Of course, I doubt it will be as great a Superbowl as last year’s was. Admit it, even if you don’t like either team, it was a great game. (Although it should have been a blowout. What was with the Rams choking in the Red Zone like that in the 1st half? How many consecutive times did the Titans deny them the endzone? 5? I’m sure I’ll be corrected if that number isn’t right.)