NFL Game Rewind

The NFL replay packages are up for sale. Was thinking about subscribing. A couple years ago I subscribed cheaply to their mid-season package and I was fairly impressed with the interface and video quality - has it gotten better or worse since then?

The main appeal (which they didn’t have when I subscribed) is the condensed versions of games, down to a half hour. I assume these are similar to the directtv/nfl sunday ticket shortcut versions of games where they cut out everything but the actual plays, and some replays of the most important plays? Because that alone would be worth subscribing - I like to watch several games per week but it’s time consuming.

A new feature this year is apparently the premium subscribers get the coaches cams for every play this year. In previous years just a few of the biggest plays in the game got the treatment. Do you have access to all 10+ of the actual coach cameras? That also sounds pretty awesome.

How long after the games are over does it take for them to be available on replay?

Anyone who’s had the service before, please post with your experience.

There are 2 packages - a $60 package that includes everything, including the 2012 playoffs, and stays active until July 31 2013, and a $40 package that includes everything but the playoffs, and only has coaches cameras on important plays like in previous years, and expires after the season ends, Jan 4, 2013. I’m probably going to grab one of them, not sure which one yet.

If it were me, I’d go with the $40 season. You can get all of the playoff games on regular broadcast TV, live, and how much are you really going to watch the coach cams? Doesn’t seem like an extra 50% more worth of content to me.

Football analysis is about to get a LOT better now that writers can break down the All-22 camera angle. A new dawn for football writing is about to break.

I wish that we could see it. Or just a better angle than the traditional sideline cam we’re stuck with. The Skycam is an awesome tool, and can provide a useful viewpoint, like from behind the offense a la the “Madden cam” so we might actually see what the receivers are doing, see what the line is doing, see the hole for the running backs, see what the QB is looking at, rather than having to rely on the director and cameramen to catch up to the ball.

Well, you get an extra 6 months of subscription too - I get bored in the offseason and I might go back to watch games I missed. If they’re really doing multiple cameras for every play, I think that might be worth it too - I really like to break down games in detail.

I’ve always thought the default press box cam has been limiting - but especially now with the standard of widescreen HD. We still have the same angle - now we just have more empty space behind the QB on one side of the screen.

The last few years NBC has had online broadcasts that let you view the game from a few angles, the best being the wire cam/sky cam. It’s just a way better way to watch the game, I don’t know why it hasn’t become the default.

Well it comes with Game Rewind so you can see it, just not live. All I meant was now that Football Outsiders and the like can see the All-22 view, I expect their analysis to get considerably better. For the not-so-casual fan, the All-22 view could really teach us a lot about NFL football.

Did the $60 package turn into a $70 package in the last few hours? Damn it.

I just bought the $69.99 game rewind package. Well worth the money. I absolutely love being able to watch all the Arizona Cardinals games from the past 4 years and the video quality is excellent.

Does anyone who had it last year know which cams the coaches cams include? Is it just the one end zone all 22 cam, or there are a variety of angles you can choose from?

Looks like it’s confirmed for ipad and “most” Android devices. You can even draw over a replay with the telestrator and save/upload the image if you want to make some sort of point.

“2 angle coach’s cam” from every single play in 2012. One will be the elevated end zone camera I’d imagine but I’m not sure what the other one would be.

I went ahead and ordered the $70 package. The shortcuts/condensed versions of games will let me watch all the good games each week, and the coach’s cam stuff is awesome, I like doing in depth analysis. The only thing that sucks is the coach’s cams aren’t available till wednesday, compared to Sunday at midnight for everything else.