NFL Legend Morten Andersen in all his glory

Warning: you cannot unsee this!

Who is Morten Andersen?

The guy in the photo.

He was an NFL kicker for 25 years for 6 different teams. He was 48 when he finally retired. He had a ridiculous number of records.

A retired NFL placekicker who until this past weekend was the NFL scoring leader. He’s just been passed by Adam Vinatieri.

Well…it was the 80s.

BTW, if you don’t actually click the photo within the tweet, you will miss those glorious shorts.

Sometimes I’m glad I have shit internet that won’t open a damn thing.

Not my cup of tea personally, but what’s the problem with the picture?

I thought for a moment it was a vintage photo of Sheena Easton.

Mostly just that it’s depicting fashion choices that look silly now, particularly on a guy. (To my eye, it’s mostly the shirt that really looks ridiculous.)

Seems kinda silly to make fun of a vintage photo for showing people wearing clothes that aren’t in the current style.

:: ponders ::

well, OK, we mocked old photos of people in turn-of-the-century bathing suits when I was ~ highschool aged I guess. And mohawks, before they came back.

Up until Sunday, the retired field goal kicker was the NFL’s all time leading scorer. Adam Vinatieri tied and then broke his record.

I thought it was funny this week during a game broadcast when they showed a photo of Len Dawson smoking a cigarette in the locker room during halftime at Superbowl I. A big reminder of how times change.

That’s wild. I’m surprised they didn’t know cigarettes directly and immediately negatively impacted athletic performance. You don’t need medical studies to notice that.

Of course they knew! That’s why they didn’t smoke them on the sidelines…only during the halftime break.

A bit clearer (and color) version of the photo. In this, you can see that he’s also drinking that well-known sports drink, Fresca. :wink:

Very well said. I agree.