NFL players wearing garters?

Those thin armband things that many of the NFL players are now wearing around the arm just above the elbow–they remind me of Barbershop guys wearing garters. What the heck are they? Do they have some non-stylish function?

I wonder about that too.

Nope. No real function at all. It’s strictly an accessory.

Are they black? Perhaps they’re mourning bands to mark an anniversary or something.

That just doesn’t make sense.
Your answer makes sense, the practice doesn’t. If it were a (woman’s) garter I’d feel differently about it.

Supposedly it’s to keep the muscles near the joint compressed, to make it easier for them to hold their arms up, so they don’t get tired. I don’t buy into it one bit.

Speaking of style, do any players still wear those “breathe right” strips on their noses?

They do. Many of them are flesh-colored, though.

What color flesh?

Several, apparently. Some players also wear them in team colors or the colors of the flag. I presume they decorate the Breathe-Rights® before applying them, and I don’t know if Breathe-Right makes them in dark skin colors for the general public.

I don’t know about that but I believe they do make them in clear.