NFL Pro Bowl 2009 "Fumblerooski" Player Stances Question

The AFC ran what the announcers called a “fumblerooski” but not really since the ball never touched the ground.

Something I noticed, though, was that the offensive line on that play did not go into any pre-snap stances. When the ball was snapped, almost the entire O-Line was standing up straight pretending to be lolly gagging to conceal the fact the snap was coming.

Is there a rule about going into stances? If not, what’s the strategy behind various stances in football on the O-Line and D-Line? 2-3-4 point stances?

Why would a running back go into a 3 point stance?

What about linebackers?

What ever position you are in must be held for 1 sec before the ball is snapped. Generally putting your hand on the ground allows you to spring forward faster and lower but it is also harder to move backwards. This is why passing teams will typically have their offensive linemen in a two point stance and you don’t want to change your stance based on the type of play.

Four point stances are incredibly hard to stand up out of and as long as your team only runs the ball might be an option but for some reason I think they are against the rules for the offence. Even with three point stances it depends on where you put your hand but you don’t want to give anything away so the goal is to look the same but giving yourself the advantages for the play. Personally I like the two point stance because it allows more lateral and backwards movement and it is rare that offence line men only move forward any more.

Thanks for the response.

BTW, I miss the days when Tom Landry had his O-Line get set in unison.