NFL receptions v. NHL goals v. MLB homers

How comparable are the stats to each other? I believe HR and goals are fairly analogous (a 500 HR guy is comparable to a 500 goal guy, same with 50 v 50) Receptions doesn’t work becasue 100 catches is likely in a season, while 100 goals is all but impossible.

HR and goals are roughly comparable, but there are more goals. For example, there have been 188 seasons of 50+ goals in NHL history, and only 38 seasons of 50+ home runs in MLB history. I would estimate that you could probably multiply goals by 0.8 or so and end up at about the right number.

Receptions would require an even more significant adjustment, probably multiply by 0.7 to get to goals, and 0.5 to get to HRs, or something.

It’s still not entirely clear to those who follow / cover the NFL what the “benchmarks” for greatness are now, for receptions, particularly over the course of a career. The passing game is so different now than it was 30-40 years ago, due to both rules changes which opened up passing, and the shift to the “West Coast offense” (i.e., shorter, higher-percentage passes, passing as a higher percentage of offensive plays).

Forty years ago, 60 receptions was a pretty big season for a receiver. 100 was pretty much unheard of. Now, only once in the past 21 seasons has the NFL leader had fewer than 100 receptions (1998, O.J. McDuffie, 90 catches).

As voters for the Hall of Fame are trying to evaluate all these wide receivers who are becoming eligible for the Hall, who have seemingly impressive “counting numbers” (i.e., receptions), no one’s quite sure what a benchmark for excellence is now for receivers. Jerry Rice was obviously a Hall of Famer, but Cris Carter and Tim Brown have over 1000 catches (third and fourth all-time), and neither of them have been elected yet.

Home runs in the 1990s are only roughly comparable to home runs in the 1960s! The idea of comparing entirely different events in entirely different sports strikes me as… well, maybe harmless silly fun, but nothing to take even a tiny bit seriously. It’s like comparing Pulitzers, Oscars and Nobels.

Just like NFL receptions have increased. Actually, league-wide HRs have shot up, but individual leaders aren’t that much higher, apart from the spikes from the steroid kings. NHL goals peaked in the '80s and are back down to '60s and '70s numbers.

No, it’s more like comparing Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and Tonys. They are all sports, after all.

Just harmless fun question.