NFL Scorigami: First 51-13 Game Ever!

Yesterday the Niners kicked the crap out of the Falcons 51-13. This is the first time in NFL history any game has concluded 51-13, and it is the 1,052nd unique score ever recorded.

Fun facts:

  1. The lowest possible scores that have never happened are 4-0 and 2-2.*

  2. The lowest possible shutout that has never happened after 4-0 is 46-0. Yes, there has been a 2-0, and an 11-0.

  3. Virtually all possible scores involving 4 points have never happened; the only one was on 25 November 1923, when the Racine Legion beat the Chicago Cardinals 10-4. Figures it’d be the Cardinals.

  4. Scores that look like they should have happened but haven’t yet include 14-8, 25-9, and 18-9.

  5. The most common score is 20-17. It has happened 264 times. (You will sometimes read that it’s 23-20; that is wrong.)

  6. 17 is the single most common number of points for a team to score win or lose, but the most common score specifically for a winning team is 24, and for a losing team is 7.

    • Apparently it is technically possible for an NFL team to score one point; if there is a safety on a PAT or two point conversion attempt, that is one point. It has never happened - it is hard to imagine how it could - so scores like 1-0 and 2-1 are possible in theory, but in reality aren’t.

If it’s a PAT, then the other team has to have at least 6 points.

It was the Panthers, not the Falcons, that the 49ers whupped up on yesterday.

Also, by rule, if an NFL team forfeits a game, then its opponent wins the game by a score of 1-0 in the official log.

There’s a recent NFL score thread that perhaps can be merged with this one? They seem to be covering a lot of the same ground.