NFL trade help; Saints got who for Bob Marley?

My roomy and I have been trying to figure this out for a while, but it’s been somewhat difficult googling. Saints trade Ricky to the Dolphins and got at least a first rounder, and if I recall correctly their next pick was based on how RW did that year, in which I’m pretty sure was the year he ran for 1800 and led the NFL in rushing. Basically, in short, who did the Saints end up with for RW?

From here:

In 2002, they got the 25th overall pick from Miami, and used it to take DE Charles Grant.

In 2003, they had the 18th and 19th overall picks (one of them from Miami), and traded them to Arizona for the 6th overall pick. They used that pick to select DT Johnathan Sullivan.

NFL Draft History.

Addendum: The Dolphins used the 4th Round pick that they got from Saints in the 2002 swap to select TE Randy McMichael, who was a pretty big steal.