NFL Week 13 - Fasten Your Tuque and Give 'er, eh?

Lovely. Stupid channel cut from Saints/Skins to Niners/Seahawks right after the Skins missed that field goal. Likely something to do with Canadian broadcasting rights, but fuuuuuuuuck.

On Thursday one of my co-workers was grousing to me that Buffalo should have won two extra games this year–the 25-24 opener to New England and the 6-3 game to Cleveland.

After this week, had Buffalo indeed won those two games, every team in the AFC East would be 6-6.

The San Francisco 49ers have Frank Gore at running back and Alex The Bust Smith at quarterback. So far, they’ve thrown 11 passes and rushed twice. That’s some old-school smash-mouth football, Mike Singletary style.

ETA: 12 passes, one rush - although the aforementioned Mr. Smith just threw a 33-yard TD pass to Vernon The No Longer Bust Davis on 4th and 1.

Wow. The Redskins ownership really needs to investigate their players for deliberate sabotage.

Ya know, I*** almost*** got a little worried about my Saints today. Meachem oughta get indicted for Grand Theft Football :smiley: Way to keep the dream alive!


Well, Suisham did play for the Cowboys before Washington…

Two terrible calls: the strip on the DB that intercepted Brees’ pass at the end of the first half. Replay showed that Shockey touched him and therefore he was down where the ball was picked. In OT, Sellers allegedly fumbled the ball - when in fact his forearm was on the ground before the ball popped out.

Bad day for the zebras. Wonder if a pile of non-sequential bills might show up on their doorsteps from Tom Benson?

Ah, well. It’ll be that much more poignant when the 16-0 Saints get knocked out of the playoffs by the Vikings.

I wouldn’t tell Jared Allen that one hit takes Warner out of the game. He’ll think it’s a dare.

As a Saints fan who remembers the Bag Head years, and the “oh so close, but every single break goes against us” heartbreakers, forgive me for blowing a giant raspberry in your general direction.


I think we’re living through that right now. :frowning:

Wow, I was suspicious of that spread, but I still thought Cinci would make it.

Bah. The Bucs have lost three of the last four games on horrible calls, or on plays overturned on review despite nothing resembling conclusive evidence. Well, we probably weren’t going to win today, but still.

The 49ers have now passed 29 times (including one sack) and rushed four times. Four fucking rushes - against a defense that gives up 110 yards per game on the ground. Do they know I need a big game from Frank Gore or something?

I don’t even know what the spread was. I’m assuming they didn’t cover. They would have had it not been for that garbage TD late in the game.


Yup. Should have been 23-7.

Welp, looks like I’m going to lose the games that mattered in FF and my pick 'em leagues were a complete and total abortion. The Bears were underwhelming at best against the Rams at home. At least the Vikes lost. Football hasn’t been any fun for about a month.

Down by about 15 in fantasy with just defense left to play: I have both GB and Baltimore.

I think Baltimore has the better (though poor) chance of doing enough things to win it for me. Right?

If only I hadn’t benched Brandon Jacobs for the first time this season when he was playing. For McCoy in Philly. Gah. Or had started Young over McNabb (though that was only a crazy flight of fancy).

I have Baltimore’s defense in a fantasy matchup tonight too, (although I have a comfortable lead) and I think you have a pretty tough call here. Baltimore’s offense with the exception of Ray Rice is pretty pedestrian, and the Packer’s secondary is actually pretty damn good. I’d count on Flacco to toss a pick or two. However, Ray Rice may get 150 yards and 2 TD’s on you.

I’d probably stick with Baltimore, although their secondary is pretty average except for Reed (whom may score you a TD) and Rogers is having an all-pro year through the air in spite of GB’s line woes.

That’s actually a hard decision (or it would be for me).

I would rather start Green Bay just because of the matchup. I wouldn’t trust any defense against Rodgers.

It’s been a uniformly shitty weekend so the Green Bays will win.