NFL Week 17

The Jets would be 5th, the Broncos 6th, unless Denver loses in which case Houston would be 6th.

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Packers are kicking butt. Did Warner make a cameo for the Cards? I see he was 4/6, then Leinhart took over.

Cards-Pack is meaningless since they will play each other next week regardless of the outcome. Arizona is treating the game like the scrimmage it is. It’s not like the Packers are getting the same game they’ll get next week.

Random stat: Jerome Harrison has more 100 yard rushing games than Adrian Peterson despite only starting 6 games this year.


Dallas is going to sew up the second seed for MN. Man, if AP hadn’t fumbled last week, the Vikings would have had the number one seed.

They sure are. Warner only played a couple series and was pretty ineffective. It was great to see Charles Woodson make another strong argument for Defensive Player of the Year too. Matt Flynn, however, needs a bit of work.

Roy Williams may be the only man on Earth Who looks back on the late '00s Lions as his glory days.

Source: Welker tears ACL, MCL

Holy crap, Simmons is going to be apoplectic. The guy has been banged up all season, it made little sense to even have him playing this week.

Jesus. That’s a hideous injury to have at any time, but worse at the end of a season. He may miss all of next season too. Wes Welker is one of the toughest skill players in the NFL, so if anyone can come back early it’s him, but damn. I may actually have to read Bill Simmons for this–he’s best when his teams are doing something that drives him insane.

Sadly, now, every team that pulls starters late in the season in “meaningless” games is going to have a poster child for why they do it. :frowning:

I’m not sure that’s a correct statement. I believe that the Packers get to go to the Cowboys, and the Eaglets head to the Cards.

Unless the NFL forces them. I disagree with resting your starters as a strategy but this is the risk you take. It sucks for New England.

Am I the only one looking forward to these rematches next week? It could be cool. I think the last question is whether the jets or Houston gets the last AFC wild card spot.

If the Jets win, they get rewarde with a trip to Cincy next week. If Cincy wins, their reward is a visit from Houston, and in that case, Cincy is the 3rd seed.

Personally, I’m almost wanting to have Cincy lose and have to replay the Jets so that we win and then get the Colts, and not the Bolts. :eek:

All the articles I read say Philly plays at Dallas again next week.

First time Dallas has ever had back to back shutouts. They have only had 2 shutouts in 1 year 2 times in the past.

Yes, that appears to be true, according to NFL.

Cincinatti complete 1st quarter stats: 3 plays, 1 yard.

The NFC matchups next week are Philly at Dallas, and Green Bay at Arizona – both rematches from this week.

AFC matchups are still pending the results of the Bengals-Jets game.

If Dallas beats Philly next week, they go to Minnesota, and the Saints get the winner of the Packers-Cards. If Philly beats Dallas, they go to New Orleans, and Minnesota gets the winner of Packers-Cards.

In another note. Chris Johnson got his 2000 yards. Doesn’t mean much, since his team is watching the playoffs from home, but still pretty cool to see a 2k rusher.

I’m not watching the game very closely - is Cinci laying down or just getting their ass kicked? Seems like they have starters in there…

No 2nd round games will be in cold weather - they will be in a dome or San Diego. And if all the favorites win the same will be true for the 3rd round.