NFL Week 17

No week 17 thread yet? Well, here we go. It’s not nice and shiny, no betting lines, but it’s something.

My Vikings were surgical on their first possession. That was nice to see.

What is Fox thinking? :dubious: I don’t live in the Detroit or Chicago area yet they think they need to show me the Bears vs Lions game.

Da Bears

How are they promoting this game? As the draft pick bowl?

Fox has two better games they could be showing me:

Saints @ Panthers (possibly)
Giants @ Vikings

The Bears/Lions game is comparable to 49ers/Rams or Falcons/Bucs.

I guess I’ll watch the Steelers @ Dolphins on CBS. Better yet, I am going to play Gin Rummy this afternoon.

The Cardinals hope of a first round bye is gone with Minnesota kicking the Giants. Now I’m just looking for any scenario which will avoid a trip to Philadelphia.

WTF is Favre doing in this game in the 3rd quarter? With a 31-0 lead?

The Vikings are destroying the Giants (who I think started mailing it in about halfway through the first quarter), and now need Philly to lose to get a first round bye. Go Cowboys.

It’s nice to see the Vikings offense get back on track the last couple of games, and i think Chilly saying he was basically going to throw Favre the keys, let him audible as much as he wanted, and pretty much call his own plays has a lot to do with that. Favre played the first half of that Bears game running exactly what was called and the offense stagnated. In the second half, Chilly threw him the keys and the Purple came all the way back. If you’ve got a guy like Favre, who knows the West Coast Offense probably better than any other current QB, I don’t know why you wouldn’t just turn off the earphone in his helmet and just let him call his own game.

Siragusa, the sideline guy for the Fox broadcast, said that Childress told him they wanted to crush even a ghost of a chance for a comeback before he pulls Favre. It probably won’t be long, though.

The Giants didn’t show up last week and they’re doing nothing this week either. Childress doesn’t want his offense to get rusty and I approve of the strategy, but there’s no way the Giants were coming back. After a Jared Allen strip sack, Minnesota just scored a TD on fourth and goal. It’s 40-0.

Meanwhile Miami is in bad shape against Pittsburgh. It’s now 24-10 Steelers. Lamarr Woodley had steak and eggs for breakfast and he ate Chad Henne for lunch. I wish I had a clearer idea of what was going on with all these AFC playoff scenarios. I know the Jets and Ravens get in if they win, but I’m not sure what will happen if they don’t. I guess there are too many options and contenders to say anything definitive.

Denver has the best chance of getting in, if I recall. They only need one of the two (Jets or Ravens) to lose, and nothing else, I think. Everyone else has to hope for a loss by the Jets or the Ravens, plus some combination of losses and wins (!) by the various other teams in the hunt.

I love watching Indy and New Orleans getting their asses pounded. To Indy’s credit, they did run Manning most of the first half, but it didn’t do them a damn bit of good. When the Super Bowl ends up Vikings v. Chargers/Patriots, maybe some teams will finally buy a clue about this “rest the starters to avoid injury” crap.

I can see Houston is ahead of Pittsburgh, but Houston’s down 14 to the Patriots, so they’re probably toast. The Steelers are in if they win, Houston loses, and Baltimore or the Jets go down. Pittsburgh will win. They’re now up and Miami is down to its third-string QB with Tyler Thigpen. Henne didn’t start the second half due to an eye injury and Ike Taylor knocked Pat White out with a hellacious hit.

The Giants will at least avoid a shut out.

Wes Welker got hurt in that Patriots game. Bad news for the Pats going into post season.

Miami’s very abruptly made a game of this - it’s 27-24 with a lot of time left.

Houston 34 Pats 27 with 2 minutes to go.

Yup. New England has nothing to play for and Houston won the game with a scoring binge. Pittsburgh, if they hang on, now leads three contenders to lose, and I think Houston is in if Baltimore or the Jets lose.

Steelers win, but the Houston game makes unlikely they’re going anyplace. I stand corrected, I think Houston needs Denver to lose, too.

The Sports Guy is going to lose his shit. He predicted this this week.

Nice finish for the Bears. The upside to not having a first or second round pick means that you can still be happy about late season wins that might trash your draft position. Looks like they’ll have their WR corp settled going into next season with Knox, Hester, Aromashodu and some combination of Bennett/Iglesias/FA/Late Draft pick rounding out the group. That means they’ll be able to focus on the Running Backs and O Line in the draft, good news.

Hopefully the Packers can crap the bed against the Cardinals just to give me something fun to watch.

I’m stuck watching a completely meaningless GB/Arizona game when the Cowboys Eagles game has loads of meaning and importance. Great.

My Falcons have back-to-back winning seasons for the first time ever!

Dick Enberg is calling the Denver-KC game. Casey Weigman, the Bronco’s center, just completed his 8000th consecutive snap.

Enberg: “That’s a lot of head-between-the-legs action!”

If the Jets win but Baltimore lost who would get their spot?