NFL Week 17

All games Sunday.

1:00 PMEST : Baltimore ( 7 ) at Cincinnati ( -7 ) —- T: —
1:00 PMEST : New Orleans ( 4 ) at Atlanta ( -4 ) —- T: 52
1:00 PMEST : New England ( -9 ) at Miami ( 9 ) —- T: —
1:00 PMEST : Detroit ( 1 ) at Chicago ( -1 ) —- T: 45
1:00 PMEST : Tennessee ( 6 ) at Indianapolis ( -6 ) —- T: —
1:00 PMEST : Washington ( 4 ) at Dallas ( -4 ) —- T: —
1:00 PMEST : NY Jets ( -3 ) at Buffalo ( 3 ) —- T: 43
1:00 PMEST : Jacksonville ( 6.5 ) at Houston ( -6.5 ) —- T: —
1:00 PMEST : Philadelphia ( 3.5 ) at NY Giants ( -3.5 ) —- T: 52
1:00 PMEST : Pittsburgh ( -10 ) at Cleveland ( 10 ) —- T: 47
4:25 PMEST : Seattle ( 4.5 ) at Arizona ( -4.5 ) —- T: 47.5
4:25 PMEST : St Louis ( -3.5 ) at San Francisco ( 3.5 ) —- T: 37.5
4:25 PMEST : Oakland ( 6.5 ) at Kansas City ( -6.5 ) —- T: 43.5
4:25 PMEST : San Diego ( 7.5 ) at Denver ( -7.5 ) —- T: —
4:25 PMEST : Tampa Bay ( 10.5 ) at Carolina ( -10.5 ) —- T: 47
8:30 PMEST : Minnesota ( 3 ) at Green Bay ( -3 ) —- T: 48

TB might keep it closer than that at Carolina. And I can’t believe Washington is getting points in Dallas. Should be a fun football Sunday.

Remember, there’s a reason most keeper fantasy leagues have their championships on week 16 and not week 17.

Looks like there are only 5 totally meaningless games on Sunday, which is pretty good.
Both teams out:

No possible change in position:

Cincinnati still has a shot at top seed, so the Bengals want to win and have the Pats lose.

Apparently, the Cardinals could also claim the top seed with a win and a Panthers loss.

The Steelers have a shot at post-season, if they win and the Jets cough up a hairball against Buffalo. Seems like kind of a long-ish shot.

But probably not as much of a long shot as the Texans giving up the South and the playoffs to the Colts.

Chiefs could still take the AFC-W, but I am not clear on how complicated that picture is.

And, of course, there is the Green Bay/Minnesota/Seattle triangle, which determines who plays where in the first round. Next week could, in fact, yield a rematch of The Vikings@Packers game, if the Hawks can win in Glendale.

Cards vs Hawks is going to be epic, I’m already getting excited about it. It’s going to feel damn good to walk into the sports bar across the street proudly wearing my Fitzgerald jersey and hopefully the Cards put on another ass kicking.

Jet’s have already lost to the Bills once this season and the Steelers destroyed the Browns, so I don’t think it’s that much of a long shot.

If you had to put money on one of those two things, the Steelers getting in is much more likely. For Indy to get in, they have to win, Houston has to lose, and a whole series of things in other games has to happen due to strength of schedule and strength of win tie breakers.

Wondering why the Chiefs/Raiders game is on FOX this weekend instead of CBS.

My info show several oddballs:
Raiders-Chiefs and
show up as “Fox•CBS”
shows up “Fox•NBC•TSN”

Let me get some info I think CBS and FOX switch games in week 17.

What a horrible way to end the horrible year. Browns can knock the Steelers out of a playoffs with a win, but may play themselves out of the Goff sweepstakes. There is no good outcome.

The Manziel story just keeps getting weirder and weirder. He’s out with a concussion and yet is playing blackjack in Las Vegas. I wonder if Pettine told him to stay away or if manziel really is that clueless? Play all the blackjack you want after the season is over, but you should either show up with your teammates or be seriously hurt enough.

Doesn’t look like that will happen, Steelers on the move

Leave to the Eagles to play at a high level in a meaingless game:D

It should be interesting to see how the Eagles, as a team, react to the firing of Chip Kelly.

I found it funny how so many of the players were in the locker room smiling after he was fired and they don’t even know if they will be playing in philly next season.’

They had the look of a bunch of 5th graders who just got a new teacher

The reports that he’s in Vegas sounds kinda goofy to me, especially in today’s world where everyone has a cell phone, yet no one seemingly took a photo of him.

More Alshon Jeffrey drama. The Bears would be incredibly stupid to let him get away.

Cell phone cameras are not allowed at table games in Vegas, he was allegedly seen at a blackjack table

I was just checking out the Lions draft standings, and although it’s broken down by conference rather than the whole NFL on ESPN.

Lions are currently first among the 6 NFC 6 and 9 teams, due to the most complex tie-breaking scenario I have ever seen needed(although obviously not final for anything).

Pats don’t look like they understand that they need to win today