NFL Week 5

Thursday, October 8th
8:25 PM EST Indianapolis ( (Pick) ) at Houston ( (Pick) ) —- T: 45

Sunday, October 11th
1:00 PM EST Seattle ( 2.5 ) at Cincinnati ( -2.5 ) —- T: 43
1:00 PM EST Buffalo ( -2.5 ) at Tennessee ( 2.5 ) —- T: 41.5
1:00 PM EST New Orleans ( 4.5 ) at Philadelphia ( -4.5 ) —- T: 49.5
1:00 PM EST Cleveland ( 6.5 ) at Baltimore ( -6.5 ) —- T: 43
1:00 PM EST Jacksonville ( 2.5 ) at Tampa Bay ( -2.5 ) —- T: 42
1:00 PM EST Chicago ( 10 ) at Kansas City ( -10 ) —- T: 44.5
1:00 PM EST St Louis ( 10 ) at Green Bay ( -10 ) —- T: 45.5
1:00 PM EST Washington ( 7.5 ) at Atlanta ( -7.5 ) —- T: 48
4:05 PM EST Arizona ( -2.5 ) at Detroit ( 2.5 ) —- T: 44
4:25 PM EST Denver ( -4.5 ) at Oakland ( 4.5 ) —- T: 43.5
4:25 PM EST New England ( -8.5 ) at Dallas ( 8.5 ) —- T: 49.5
8:30 PM EST San Francisco ( 6.5 ) at NY Giants ( -6.5 ) —- T: 43

Monday, October 12th
8:30 PM EST Pittsburgh ( 3 ) at San Diego ( -3 ) —- T: 45.5
Luck’s status is still TBD for tonight. If he plays and it remains a pick 'em, I’d say Indy is easy money. The Texans can be thrown on. I think the Bengals keep rolling and the Browns keep losing and the Pats will murder Dallas.

I’m a bit surprised by that line on the Bears/Chiefs game. I get “Arrowhead!” and the Bears have the worst scoring defense in the league, but the Chiefs giving 10 points? Vegas must hate the Bears worse than I do.

How will the Lions lose this week? Phantom PI? Picked up flag? No call on a game changing penalty? Bad pick-six when Stafford stares down the only receiver running past the sticks on a third and long? Snap over the punter’s head for a safety? Blocked XP?

There’s so many ways they know how to lose! How could we ever guess the ending they’ll choose this week?

Yeah, it’s odd. Unless Clausen has to come in again, I think it’s going to much closer than that. Equally odd is that they only gave the Cardinals 2.5 over the Lions.

Reports now are that Luck’s out for tonight.

Well, I can relax this weekend :slight_smile: My Panthers winning streak is guaranteed not to be broken, so I can sit back and watch and hope for the upsets.

I am going to be pulling for the Raiders over the Broncos as my upset pick of the week. I really thought Detroit was going to give the Broncos their first loss last week. And yes, I did pick them (the Raiders) in the SDMB pick’em league :smiley: (am I allowed to mention that?)

The other team I’m rooting for this week is Washington. Not because I’m a Cousins fan or because I feel sorry for the Washington NeedANewNames, but because Atlanta is also 4-0 and a win will put them ahead of the Panthers who have to play Seattle next week at Seattle.

I’m betting on a freak shark-nado.

My money is on a murder-suicide a la The Last Boy Scout, causing the game to be cancelled while the Lions are losing.

Too dark?

They, like me, are thinking the Lions have *got *to be better than their record. (Save it, Bill Parcels.) They really should have beaten Seattle. And now they’re home, for whatever that’s worth.

Confirmed Andrew Luck is out tonight. The Colts QB situation is not great. Matt Hasselbeck will start, despite having to go to the emergency room after last Sunday’s game for a virus. And now on short rest. They released 3rd stringer Josh Johnson on Monday or Tuesday and then had to re-sign him to be the backup for tonight.

ETA: The line has moved to Houston -2.5.

I wonder what the nfl record is for combined age of QB and receiver on a touchdown pass? Tonight we had 74, which seems like it has to be up there.

Both quarterbacks and receivers can stick around for a long time and often move around during the last few years of their careers - it’s just a matter of two of them landing on the same team at the same time. Favre (41) and Randy Moss (33) hit 74 with the 2010 Vikings, and Rich Gannon (38) and Tim Brown (37) made 75 for the 2003 Raiders. Just by searching for extra-veteran QBs, the highest I’ve found was Vinny Testaverde (44) to Christian Fauria (36) for 80 on the 2007 Panthers.

Wow, the Colts’ pass defense is garbage.

Did Mallett get hurt or what? I missed the 1st half but I know he started and didn’t take long for Hoyer to take over.

Mallet got hurt and he was out for one play and he wanted to come back in

but Hoyer was doing well and completing passes so they kept him in the rest of the game

To beat Seattle, it kind of helps to have an O that can put it into the painted grass.

I’m surprised the spread on the Atlanta / Washington game isn’t in double digits. There must be enough delusional Redskins fans to bet on them no matter what.

Buccaneers get our first home win since 2013 this week. Yay!

Very nice, thanks.

Testaverde threw a TD to Troy Brown the previous year when in New England, each player one year younger for a total of 78. I was looking for something on George Blanda, but he didn’t through many TDs in his final years and it looks like all his receivers were in their 20’s.

I did the same thing last night, poring through Pro Football Reference. :slight_smile:

Blanda threw his final TD pass in the Raiders’ final regular-season game in 1974, a 28-yarder to Cliff Branch. Blanda was 47 at the time, Branch only 26, so combined age was “only” 73.

His last TD pass before that was in the season opener in 1972, where he threw a 26-yarder to Raymond Chester. It was Blanda’s 45th birthday, and Chester was 24, for a paltry combined age of 69.