NFL Week 10

Late as usual. Sorry.

Panthers 21 at Steelers 52

Sunday early
Lions at Bears (-6)
Saints (-4.5) at Bengals
Falcons (-3.5) at Browns
Patriots (-6) at Titans
Jaguars at Colts (-3)
Cardinals at Chiefs (-17)
Bills at Jets (-8)
Redskins at Buccaneers (Pick 'em)

Sunday late
Chargers (-10) at Raiders
Dolphins at Packers (-7.5)
Seahawks at Rams (-9.5)

Cowboys at Eagles (-6)

Giants at 49ers (-2.5)

Not the most exciting slate of games. Saints at Bengals could be a good one. Cincy getting 4.5 at home seems a bit much, but I wouldn’t put any money on it.

I feel like one of these weeks it’s gonna click for the Browns. They’ve got some really nice pieces, time to break this losing skid. BTW, that line is ATL -6 as I look at it right now. Not sure why it moved so much.

I, for one, am looking forward to that Monday Night showdown!

::tugs on collar::

But seriously folks, Colts-Jags is kind of interesting, winner still has a chance at the division if Houston doesn’t run away, loser is 3-6.

It’s being reported that Dez Bryant suffered a torn achilles tendon in practice today. MRI coming soon to confirm.

What a shitty break for that guy if this proves true. It could end his career.

I hope the raiders can kill the chargers ……

Jesus, what awful luck, if true.

I don’t understand the - symbol next to the teams that are favored. They should be +17 if they’re 17 better.

Because if you make a bet, you’re betting that the Chiefs can win and cover 17 points. So you subtract 17 from their total to resolve the bet.

Most of the early action went to Atlanta at -3.5 so they moved the line to -6 to try and get people to bet more on the Browns to even out the money on either side.

It could be a big injury or maybe the coaching change, but that’s not even necessary. Sometimes they just get the line “wrong” and have to adjust it significantly to cover their asses.

I live in the Jets’ home market, and I can’t find their game vs the Bills on cable anywhere. What gives? Is the NFL no longer broadcasting all games to their home markets for free?

If so, this is a terrible direction for the NFL to be going.

New OC Kitchens is debuting all his playcalling dreams this week running a bunch of whacky college plays. Mostly working okay except for one way too cute play that just flipped the momentum of the game with a big int. shows the Bills Jets in green.

It’s really better if you’re not watching that game.

Good if you’re a Saints fan. 35-7 at the half. Ouch.

Well, you should be happy today. I didn’t think the Falcons could look this bad.

I only caught the last two failed field goal attempts, but Bears kicker Cody Parkey has missed two point afters and two under-40 yard field goals, hitting the upright all four times (ETA: Wait, one of them may have been a 41-yard attempt. Can’t find the stats right now, but I seem to remember that number.) That’s got to be some kind of record, right? Hell, that’s harder than actually making a damn field goal/point after.

That makes him the least and most accurate kicker in the NFL.

Yeah, unfortunately I found it. The cable guide incorrectly listed it as Patriots / Texans.

Ouch. How bad were the Jets? Here’s an unidentified Jets player describing what happened in the game.

Wow, the Bengals defense is historically bad. Unwatchable.

Not that they had a chance, but I was bit surprised to see Miami end the game with two timeouts.