NFL 2023: WEEK 11 Men on the field, Buffalo

This week starts with a great matchup in Baltimore and ends with a Super Bowl rematch in Kansas City. But in between there are 7 woofers in which the spread is at least a touchdown.

Thursday night:

Bengals @ Ravens (-3.5)

Sunday early:

Cowboys (-10.5) @ Panthers
Steelers @ Browns (-1)
Bears @ Lions (-8)
Raiders @ Dolphins (-13.5)
Cardinals @ Texans (-5)
Chargers @ Packers (+3)
Giants @ Commanders (-9)
Titans @ Jaguars (-7)

Sunday late:

Buccaneers @ 49ers (-12)
Jets @ Bills (-7)
Seahawks (-1) @ Rams

Sunday night:

Vikings @ Broncos (-2.5)

Monday night:

Eagles @ Chiefs (-2.5)

Bye week:

Falcons, Colts, Patriots, Saints

The Browns/Steelers game opened with the Browns being favored by 4.5. The line has steadily dropped since the Watson news, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers are favored by kickoff.

The Thursday night game almost feels like a must-win for the Bengals, if they still have sights on a division title. A loss would put them 2 1/2 games behind Baltimore, and the Ravens defeated them earlier in the season. But a win, and suddenly they are tied for the division lead in the loss column.

With a win, the Jets would move ahead of the Bills in the standings, and Buffalo would be in serious trouble, with the next 3 games against the Eagles, Chiefs, and Cowboys.

What say you? Smelling any upsets? Got a can’t-miss bet? Let’s hear it!

We’ll see if Washington can manage to not shit the bed again against the Giants. Shouldn’t be, but still kind of a toss-up. Washington’s defense can’t be counted on to stop a leaky faucet.

My Dolphins are coming off their bye, and it makes me uneasy to see that they have the biggest spread of the week. But the trends do favor them: they are at home, and against an opponent (the Raiders) who don’t appear playoff bound.

I’m also hopeful that the defense is starting to gel and Devon Achane is coming back from injury.

It’s also nice to finally get some good prime time games this week. I’m looking forward to see how Josh Dobbs looks in Minnesota now that he’s presumably learned everybody’s name.

Fields is back facing a good Lions team on the road. I don’t like our chances. But all the Fields stans are convinced that he’s going to go on a run here against a supposedly improved OL. Vegas clearly diesn’t think much of our chances.

I’m just glad the Patriots have a bye so they can take a week off from losing. Is this what’s it been like being a Lions fan for the last 20+ years?

Wow, that’s the takeaway?

No, it’s not remotely close to being like a Lions fan. It’s like being a fan of a normal NFL team, which means the occasional down season or three and not making the playoffs every season, with or without a franchise QB.

So, more like being a Chargers fan?

Exactly. EVERY NFL franchise has had its down periods when it failed to make the playoffs for a some time. For instance, the Steelers, who are tied with the Pats for the most SB wins with 6, had a stretch of 24 years where they didn’t make the playoffs. The Pats had a non-playoff stretch of 12 years. We Chiefs fans are enjoying the greatest successful run in team history, yet many of us remember the 14 year drought of not making the playoffs. So we’re enjoying it while we can, because it will not last forever.

What I was going to say. No. No, it’s not remotely what it’s like being a Lions fan.

Because you, @ShadowFacts, have a living memory of your team winning not just one Super Bowl in your lifetime, but a whole dynastic run of Super Bowl wins.

Compare that with the Lions:

  • 0 Super Bowl wins (or appearances)
  • 1 playoff win in 38 years
  • Just a couple playoff appearances in that time period, where the Lions were easily defeated.
  • An 0 -16 season in 2008.

Be very grateful, ShadowFacts, that you have no idea what it’s like to be a Lions fan.

Indeed I am. My comment that started all this should have included a winky emoji.

I am rooting for the Lions this year, though. I hope they go far!

Good to hear! Me too.

I enjoyed watching the Pats during their era of dominance, and felt a bit of kinship, since Brady was the QB for Michigan. Michigan games during the Brady era were fun to watch. Always had a feeling that kid would make something of himself.

The Pitt - Browns matchup seems a tossup. Pittsburgh’s QB Pickett seems barely serviceable. The Brown’s hyphenated (caffeinated?) QB can be a turnover machine especially against TJ and the Steeler defense. I’m not expecting a high caliber contest. I think Tomlin and turnovers win it for the Steelers.

I’m looking forward to a decent Thanksgiving Day game from the Lions, for once.

I agree with your assessment. The over/under stands at 33, which is one of the lowest I can remember.

I won’t predict the winner of the Steelers/Browns, but I will predict that the Browns get more total yardage than the Steelers. Through nine games, the Steelers have been outgained in every game, despite somehow winning six of them.

Also of note: the Steelers are 26th in yards per play on offense and 27th on defense. That’s not usually a path to a winning record, yet here we are.

On a totally different subject: kudos on the thread name, @Railer13.

Yes, very well played.

I hate when games have confused rooting priorities. Like, if Cinci beats Baltimore, the Browns have a better chance of capturing the division, but if they can’t get the division, then it’s better if Cinci loses and isn’t as strong a competitor for the wildcard slot.

It’s hard to watch games without a direct rooting inherent when they call those kinds of absolute bullshit pass interference penalties.

Yep, that essentially gifted the Ravens a touchdown. That was on a 1st and 20 play.

Burrow is questionable to return in the second half.

Did Burrow have an injury designation this week? Seems like no one knew that the hand was an issue. Wonder if the Bengals will get whacked for misreporting injury status.

Video shown on the Prime Video broadcast of Burrow entering the stadium before the game on Thursday showed him wearing a brace on his right hand/wrist. However, Burrow did not appear on the Bengals’ injury report this week.

Answered my own question. Vegas is going to be pissed. Worth monitoring.