NFL Week 1

It’s here, real football.


ATL @ PHI (-1.5), 45

Sunday early

PIT (-4.5) @ CLE, 46
SF @ MIN (-6), 46
CIN @ IND (-3), 47
BUF @ BAL (-7), 40.5
JAX (-3) @ NYG, 43.5
TB @ NO (-9.5), 49.5
HOU @ NE (-6.5), 51
TEN (-1.5) @ MIA, 45

Sunday late

SEA @ DEN (-3), 42
DAL @ CAR (-3), 42.5
WAS @ ARI (-1), 44


CHI @ GB (-7.5), 47.5


NYJ @ DET (-6.5), 44.5
LAR (-4.5) @ OAK, 49.5

Don’t sleep on the Browns at +4 at home against the probably Bell-less Steelers. I know the Browns haven’t won a home opener since… 2004. I remember. I was there. It was glorious. The atmosphere was amazing… 14 years ago. Wow, that’s sad.

Anyway, do we have anyone on board the Cleveland Browns turnaround bandwagon this year?

In fact, I decided to make a thread about that. All Aboard the Cleveland Browns Hype Train.

I think a Browns v Bengals AFC championship is inevitable.

New season, New coach, New hopes.

Go Giants!

I’m set up for double disappointment this year, expecting significant turnarounds for both the Browns and the Giants.

My beloved Giants have a lot of key pieces in place to make a big jump:

  • Totally revamped OL, which has been an albatross (and the same guys) for the past couple seasons. These new guys can block.

  • Eli is the same as he ever was. A lot of Giants fans think he sucks now, but he always kind of sucked. I see no difference in him now and how he was in the 2005-2008 years. He should (finally!) once again have pass blocking, and his weapons are equivalent or better to what he had in 05-08, so I see big things:[ul][li]Odell Beckham is miles better than Amani Toomer.[/li][li]Saquon Barkley isn’t Tiki Barber, but I think he’ll be excellent.[/li][li]Even Engram isn’t Jeremy Shockey, but still very good.[/ul][/li]

  • The new 3-4 defense could be a huge improvement, or it could crash and burn in humiliating fashion. I’m blindly hopeful for the former.

EDIT: Oh yeah, the Jets. I expect they’ll suck horribly again.

Ha! I totally spaced Plaxico Burress. (I’m still very bitter about 2008.) Beckham is better, not by miles. Plax was way better at run blocking, though.

Looking back to that era, Tiki was an all-time great; just ridiculously good. He didn’t have top-end speed so he was constantly tackled just before the end zone on breakaway runs, but man, just fantastic.

Tiki Barber Highlights

The problem with OBJ is that he’s something of a head case. He psychs himself out of games sometimes.

I’m not aboard the Browns bandwagon by a long shot, but it is worth noting that, last year, the Steelers only beat them by 3 in Cleveland Week 1, and by 4 at Heinz on Week 17.

Given that, +4.5 might not be a bad bet. I prefer taking the Texans and 6.5—I think that this is the year that Brady shows feet of clay—as well as the Rams laying 4.5 to the Mack-less Raiders, but taking Cleveland and points is interesting.

I think the Falcons are going to play like they have a HUGE chip on their shoulders due to the close way that they lost to the Eagles in the playoffs last season, as well as the way they lost the Superbowl two seasons ago to the Patriots.

I’m smelling a blowout win for the Falcons. Eagles with the sophomore slump Superbowl hangover.

We’re winning TWO in a row!


Browns getting 4.5 at home? I’d take that bet. What’s the latest on Bell? Still not signed? Honestly, I think he could sign a contract Sunday morning and be ready to go. But I hope he doesn’t.

45 minute rain delay? Even Mother Nature wants Chris Collinsworth to shut the hell up.

I’m sure there would be a 45 minute rain delay if this was a 1pm game on a random Sunday in October. NBC just gets to build the hype and their west coast audience.

One half of one game since a superbowl win and Philly fans are booing.

Damn right! :smiley: People have to realize-- the only team we hate is… the Eagles. The most popular comment last year after the SB win on Facebook was, “FINALLY !!!”

To quote older man last year at parade while walking to the Art Museum. It was really hard to get near the place and most people had to park many blocks away of course.

CNN (I think) stopped an older gentleman carrying a backpack and chair and asked him how long it took him to get here during their parade coverage last year.

He replied, “To the Super Bowl Parade? 51 years.” Then he left. That’s us.

Here’s hoping for a great season to any team you’re a fan of. :slight_smile:

(And for a very brief time, we have the best record in the league, as of now!)

Well, I was way off on that game. What a snoozefest offensively. Neither team could do jack shit. And man, if that penalty on that ATL defensive lineman for not snuggling Foles to the ground softly enough is any indication of the way games are going to be called this season, I may have to find another Sunday obsession. Jesus, there were FIFTEEN penalties called in the first half alone! That penalty I just mentioned was such utter bullshit. You can’t hit the QB’s legs or head, you can’t tackle him…WTF are you supposed to do? Rock him to sleep like a baby?

Yeah, this is definitely a bad sign for an overly officiated league.

Meh. The call FGIE mentioned clearly was bullshit, but, from what I saw, most of the other penalties were just sloppy Week 1 play. False Starts. Holding. NZI, etc. Especially when there were like 6 or 7 penalties on special teams, which is typically the young, inexperienced players who are more likely to commit penalties.

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