NFL 2023: WEEK TEN Amendments

A day late, but here’s thread for the current week. Here are the games:


Panthers @ Bears (-3.5) (Bears won 16-13, dammit)

Sunday morning in Frankfurt:

Colts (-2) @ Patriots

Sunday early games:

49ers (-3) @ Jaguars
Browns @ Ravens (-6.5)
Texans @ Bengals (-6)
Packers @ Steelers (-6)
Saints (-3) @ Vikings
Titans @ Buccaneers (-1)

Sunday late games:

Lions (-3) @ Chargers
Falcons (-2) @ Cardinals
Giants @ Cowboys (-17)
Commanders @ Seahawks (-6)

Sunday night:

Jets (-1) @ Raiders

Monday night:

Broncos @ Bills (-7)

Bye week:

Chiefs, Rams, Eagles, Dolphins

I think the two most intriguing games are Browns/Ravens and Niners/Jags. If I were a betting man, I’d stay away from both these games. Ravens are rolling, but Browns have a killer D. Niners have dropped 3 in a row, but are still favored on the road against a 6-2 Jaguars team. Chargers are underdogs at home, and they really need a win to stay relevant in the playoff chase. And the 17 point spread in the Boys/Giants game is one of the largest in recent memory.

What games are you looking forward to? What’s your best bet for the week?

I think the Lion’s D will feast on Herbert, which probably means he torches them Stroud-style.

I’m surprised by the spreads in the Browns/Ravens and Commanders/Seahawks. Ravens are rolling like you say, but that’s a big spread against that D. And the Seahawks lately have shown nothing that would make me think they’ll handle the Commanders easily.

The SNF and MNF games look like stinkers for different reasons.

If the season ended today, all 4 AFC North teams would be in the playoffs. They hold all 3 wildcards. By far the strongest division in football.

I think they’ll see it as a needed bounce-back game. But who the hell knows with that team this year.

Lions probably won’t get the NFC’s top seed but their chances of winning their first playoff game since 1991 look very stout indeed. IIRC, they have the longest playoff-win drought of any team at the moment?

Yes, they hold the current record. They haven’t won a playoff game in 31 years.

The longest all-time drought was the Cardinals, who went 50 years without a playoff win between 1948-1998.

The Patriots-Colts early game wasn’t exactly an offensive showcase. Indy wins 10-6. Mac Jones is benched for the final NE drive, only for Bailey Zappe to try to run the Dan Marino Special (fake a spike then throw a pass anyway) only to promptly chuck it into the vicinity of three Colts and only one Pat for a game sealing interception.

Let the speculation commence: Jim Harbaugh to NE?

Mac Jones: 4th quarter interception king!

I may be the only Ohioan who’s rooting for the Ravens.

The announcers of the Pittsburgh/Green Bay game mentioned that the Steelers were wearing throwback uniforms. I thought that this is what their uniforms always looked like.

Damn, the Browns looked like they were actually potentially making a comeback when former Raven/sleeper agent Proche fumbled a punt return to them in the red zone.

I think if the Browns had even league average QB play - say, Baker Mayfield - they might be undefeated this year. It’s remarkable they have a winning record with such horrible QB play.

Losing a game by a missed extra point has got to be the worst way to go. Browns made a big comeback but are down by 1 because of that. Still plenty of time though

Texans had the game in hand until some questionable play-calling and a pick-six allowed the Bengals to tie it. Then Houston went on a late drive and kicked a FG at the buzzer to win the game. Texans and Bengals are now both 5-4.

Browns can make that race really interesting if they complete the comeback.

Redeemed himself at the end.

Holy shit what a gritty win. I sincerely thought the Browns were gonna get blown out because the Ravens are such a good and balanced team. And then they were gifted 2 easy TDs off turnovers. The Browns were down by 15 points and it’s not a team built to be able to come back. I am genuinely shocked at this victory.

Bengals are now in last place in the AFC North. Ravens are 7-3, Steelers and Browns are 6-3, and Bengals are 5-4.

I am disappointed.

Watson in the first half - 1/9 with a bad pick 6. Second half - 14/14 for 139 and a TD.

I don’t know how Pittsburgh keeps winning. I haven’t watched them closely this year but they seem like a 3-7 type team that just keeps managing to pull them out. Their win over the Browns earlier this season was such a sloppy, stupid game that neither team really deserved to win. Browns play them next week and if they don’t stomp them after beating the (much superior Ravens) at home I’m going to be pissed.

49ers get a get-right win by absolutely shredding the Jaguars. Purdy was darn close to perfect, Nick Bosa had a strip-sack recovery and caused a bad throw that was picked. Unfortunately, McCaffrey didn’t get in the end zone after a record-tying run of 17 gashes.