NFL Week 5

Looks like 38 year old Rich Gannon threw a touchdown to 41 year old Jerry Rice in 2003. They were both active in 2004 as well, but Rice didn’t get a TD.

I looked for that connection - in 2003, Rice caught both his TDs from Rick Mirer, not Gannon.

I’m very pleased that my Colts have won three in a row, including two in a row without Luck at quarterback. Hasselbeck was a good pick-up.

I’m taking my oldest son to his first NFL/Bengals game Sunday against the Hawks. Should be a good one. The Seahawks look incredibly mortal, Lynch is going to miss another game, the Seahawks o-line is porous and the Bengals defense (and Andy Dalton!) are legit.

Jeez o Petes the ticket prices for this sold out game are super expensive! $125 a ticket for upper deck $45 face value tickets…and that’s a really good deal based on what’s out there!

Mirer was in the league in 03? Wow. Just checked and he actually started half the Raiders games that year.

According to CBS, the score of chi-kc is currently 0-1.

Joshy Football!!!

We’re a run-and-play-defense that can neither run nor play defense. Relying on the arm of Josh McCown to rack up some garbage time yards while the overpaid defense can’t stop anything.

Colts beat the Texans, and both the Titans and Jaguars lost, too. That leaves us 2 games above everyone else in the division. Very pleased.

How 'bout, “Stafford gets benched while the rest of the squad gets ripped to shreds by the best team in the league.”

The Cardinals are a good team, but I think the Patriots and Packers would have something to say about that.

Wow, what a great first NFL game for my son. Bengals grab their nutsacks and beat the Hawks after being down 24-7 going into the fourth. Great win!

What did the Broncos QB look like today? They seem to have won the game on a Defensive TD, and he coughed up 2 picks. Will he start 16 this year? And finish them all?

A dramatic comeback overtime win against the entity in sports least worthy of existance, I should really be thrilled, but I couldn’t really get into it. I think my fandom has almost entirely been beaten into submission.

Nitpick: Those game start times should be listed as EDT.

Shame to waste a good post.

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Thanks for the offer stanvllaney, but between Big Blue and… the fans… I think the 49ers can be beaten without dropping on the stadium any mountain ranges from Mars:wink:

Hmm. It is now possible to score one point, but the opponent would have to have at least six points, because it would happen on a PAT.

ETA: no wait, I think it would happen on your own PAT…

Maybe someone thought it was the Argos and the Rough Riders or something. You can score one point in their game. But I think the conversion runback gets you 2, does it not?

Yes, a PAT returned by the defense is worth 2. I want say a forfeited NFL game default score is 1-0, but not entirely sure.

Stolen from reddit: Quoth the Raven “oh and four”