NFL Week 11

Thursday night game tonight, might as well get the thread started with that.

Thursday, Nov. 19
CAROLINA 3 Miami 42½
Well, we seem to have two tams that have a lot in common. They both need to run the ball to be successful and they have both been extremely inconsistent. This is a critical game for both teams if either one is going to maintain any hope of capturing a wild card berth. Chad Henne started out looking great and appeared to be on track to give the Dolphins a passing dimension but that’s disappeared as of late, though much of the issue is with the WRs. Delhomme on the otherhand has played his best three games over the last few weeks and the new run and then run some more philosophy seems to be working out pretty well. The biggest story however is the injury to Ronnie Brown. It will be very important to see how his loss affects the Phins offensive scheme. Can they run as much Wildcat as they want with Williams and Cobbs? Can they run the Option with Pat White as readily? Will the loss of Brown make them more predictable and will it look like they are forcing certain aspect of the offense? These are big questions not just for tonight but for the rest of the season. I suspect that his loss will be crippling, they might adjust later, but this week it’ll just kill them. Even with a shaky Panthers defense they won’t be able to dominate and if they resort to the pass they play right into that defenses strength. In contrast the Dolphins weakness is pass defense and that will lessen the likelihood that Delhomme chucks up a classic 3 INT game.

The Pick: Panthers 27 - Dolphins 13

From your mouth to Og’s ear.

Lions 56 ,Cleveland 3. It is blacked out so I can picture it how I want.

I just came in to see what Omni picked so that I can go the other way with it.


I’m going the other way too, but not to tweek Omni. I just think Miami should do ok plugging just about anyone with a pulse in there. Their running game reminds me of the way Denver use to be able run the ball on anyone.

Ricky Williams is not chopped liver.

So I read on at some point that you could watch the Thursday night games on their website. Oh great, I thought, I don’t have nfl network on my cable. So I go to their site and start my live feed, and it’s 3 talking clichetards yakking it up and no actual football coverage. Is this all there is?

Edit: Now there’s a little football. Is it gonna be 10 minutes of the idiots giving me football cliches with occasional real football mixed in?

Oh, it just occured to me, I guess if they don’t have a contract to display commercials here, maybe they’re using them to fill time?

Nope. They have some commercials, and they cut to the blowhards during the game. Nevermind. Just crappy coverage. Oh well, it’s free.

I am near the top in all the pick 'em leagues. This season of all seasons is not the one to be contrary. In the Spread league I’m an impressive 32 games over .500. And yes I realize you are 33 games over, but I expect to run you down in short order.

The argument wasn’t against Ricky Williams, it’s just that he plays a different position. I haven’t watched the first half that closely so I’m not sure if they are moving Ricky to the Ronnie position or if they are leaving him be and subbing someone else for Ronnie, but since they are almost always on the field at the same time it’s not a matter of Ricky just being a quality backup.

The score at the half doesn’t shock me too much, but I’m amazed that the Panthers offense has been this inept. I can’t imagine they’ll repeat that in the second half.

Welp, looks like I shouldn’t have discounted classic Delhomme.

Jesus Christ! Williams is averaging a million yards per carry. Why are you throwing the damn ball?

Gotta say, though… I am very surprised that the Panthers are rushing so effectively with Jordan Gross out.

Because they know I have DeAngelo Williams in a money fantasy league and I’m playing the top team this week so I need the points. That’s also the reason why Stewart gets the TD carries. Just to piss me off.

Thursday Night Football is not a thing.

What a pretty catch. Steve Smith is so wasted in Carolina.

He is smoked salmon.

I was just kidding, since I know that we’re neck and neck right now. I’d already picked before I came in. Just had a big smile last week since the difference between us ended up you going with the Bears and me against in the first game. I was just out watching a band so no idea what’s going on in football land.

ETA: and now I’m +34! And I picked up Williams in the Salary Cap league, which I’m still not exactly sure how it works, but 3 TDs has to be good. :slight_smile:


Delhomme should just permanently stop passing.

In reality if not for my cursed homerism I’d probably be 36 games over.

In fairness their tackling was a much bigger issue than their passing in this one. As a Bears fan I know it when i see it.