NFL 2022: Week Eleventh hour

Hey, I’m supposed to just be a lurker here. You guys are falling down on the job. Although taking on starting this thread affords me the opportunity as an Eagles fan to apologize for my team signing f’ing Ndamukong Suh this week.

Thursday, November 17

Tennessee Titans at Green Bay Packers (TEN W 27-17)

Sunday, November 20 (early)

Detroit Lions at New York Giants (DET +3, 45.5)
Los Angeles Rams at New Orleans Saints (LAR +4, 39)
Chicago Bears at Atlanta Falcons (CHI +3.5, 50)
Carolina Panthers at Baltimore Ravens (CAR +12, 41.5)
Washington Commanders at Houston Texans (WAS -3, 40)
New York Jets at New England Patriots (NYJ +3, 38)
Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts (PHI -6.5, 44)
Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills (CLE +7.5, 43)

Sunday, November 20 (late)

Las Vegas Raiders at Denver Broncos (LV +2.5, 41.5)
Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings (DAL -1.5, 47)
Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers (CIN -4, 41)

Sunday, November 20 (SNF)

Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers (KC -6.5, 50)

Monday, November 21

San Francisco 49ers “at” Arizona Cardinals in Mexico City (SF -8, 43.5)

BYES: Jaguars, Dolphins, Seahawks, Buccaneers

wow, the jets are favored over the Patriots? did someone go back to 1995?

With the Browns-Bills game moved to Detroit, due to the crazy amount of lake-effect snow in Buffalo, the question now is whether the Bills players will actually be able to get there.

Wow, the Lions are favored over the Giants, at Giants Stadium? Did I get Mandela-ed?

I basically forgot about the Tennessee vs Green Bay and I’m a Prime Subscriber, the NFL may have overreached with giving Amazon exclusive Thursday night access, there aren’t a lot of sports bars/dive bars with the ability to stream yet.

It is actually a basically stinker of a week, the Monday Night game looks interesting for once.

With multiple people commenting, I assume I got the odds backwards. If so, apologies… I am not much of a sports gambler, despite the myriad commercials suggesting that I should be.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Unsportsmanlike conduct,
Ndamukong Suh. :smiley:

Hey, I’m GLAD we got him. Might scare Gannon into calling good plays!

Did you post JETS +3?

In which case you are saying the Patriots are 3 point favorites. I’m not a gambler at all, so we may both be quite wrong.

The number gets applied to the team it’s next to. Negative numbers mean the favorite, positive mean underdog.

As an example:

Panthers @ Ravens (-13)

Eagles @ Colts (+7)

Looking at that, the Ravens won’t cover the spread unless their point total minus 13 is still more than the Panthers score. (They have to beat the Panthers by 13 to cover.)

Conversely, the Colts cover the spread if their point total plus 7 is higher than the Eagles score. (They have to stay within 7 points of the Eagles to cover.)

I think the OP got the odds correct, but the way the games are listed it’s a bit confusing. Generally, the visiting team is listed first, which was done by the OP, but the line is given for the home team. So the first game on Sunday would be:

Detroit Lions at New York Giants (NYG -3, 45.5)

The OP had it correct as (DET +3, 45.5); both lines show that the Giants are 3 point favorites.

No, the Pats are 3 point favorites.

No, the Giants are 3 point favorites.

@EllisDee probably explains it a bit better than I have.

Say what you will, the guy has “accidentally” stepping on a QB’s leg down to an art form.

Meh, hasn’t done that in a while. He might remember though…

“Hey, Dak.” [crunch]

Suh is the kind of player every fan hates until they hear rumors he might be signed to their team, then suddenly he’s a great player that would be such an asset. Until the rumors are shown to be false, then he’s awful again.

I am just finding out now that the Browns/Bills got moved to Detroit and I’m upset. Blizzard games are awesome. The 2007 Blizzard game between Cleveland and Buffalo is one of my favorite games ever. Moving games over snow is nonsense.

My understanding is that it had as much to do with being able to safely have fans get to the stadium, as it was about whether the stadium itself would be in shape to host a game. As of last night, 77 inches of snow had fallen in Orchard Park (where the Bills’ stadium is located) during the storm, and that’s just a ridiculous amount of snow; there are still travel bans in place in the region.

Then they should’ve had a game where there were like 6 crazy dudes who took snowmobiles into the stadium and that was the whole audience.

I’m interested in watching the Bears/Falcons game. The emergence of Justin Fields as a fantasy stud has many Bears fans concluding he’s fllipped the switch and is now a future real lufe stud QB. I’m interested to see if he is.

Well, at least hecan hit a wide open guy when a WR takes out the CB who is supposed to be covering him.

Yard work in below freezing weather or the 2nd half of Bears/Falcons?

I’ll pick the one that hurts me less. Let’s go rake leaves!

Texans have 5 total yards at the half.