NFL 2022: Week Eleventh hour

Nick Folk has missed two field goals under 45 yards. I’m near the stadium and unless there is some kind of vortex or something in the stadium, it’s not THAT windy.

I’m a couple of miles from the stadium, and I’m looking out my window right now at my flag flapping sideways in the breeze, and the bushes shaking. The tree limbs are only swaying a little though, hard to say.

Weather machine says 11 mph on the wind, I’m not sure what the gusts are.

It all worked out in the end.

Good to see the Commanders win again, no post-big-win letdown. Next up, Falcons!

Wow was that an ugly game between the Pats and Jets. Jets total yards:103, Pats:297. Just bad bad football all around. Both QBs with over 30 yards lost on sacks. I actually laughed out loud when the Pats ran back a punt for a TD with 5 seconds left to win it.

I was on a plane from Miami to Boston and a few people started cheering.

Haha! Yes a few minutes after I posted that I noticed the trees swaying and millions of leaves blowing out of the woods onto the lawn I’ve broken my back raking for the last week. I guess I just looked out at the wrong time.

Holy shit, what back-breaking, heart-attack snow! Glad the Bills got to the game in Detroit in the first place.

Dallas destroyed the dopey Vikings. Where were the Vikings? Not Minnesota, for sure. Not even a garbage TD.

And as ugly as it was, I’ll take the win, bitch about it tomorrow on Reddit— EAGLES 9-1 !!! :eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle::eagle:

So how the hell did 9-1 Vikings get the underdog tag and then get beat down by the Cowboys? Dallas is a good team, but so are the Vikings. We’re there injuries or something?

Were the Bengals wearing the Siegfried-and-Roy alternate jerseys?

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but the Lions have a 3-game wine streak after beating up on the Giants in NY. With a win like that, can the SB be far behind?

Please, no harsh dose of reality. Let us Lions fans have our moment. We don’t get many.

Vikings were 8-1 before the Dallas game.

Denver fans can’t even take solace in the idea that maybe they’ll get some decent draft picks next year because they gave everything away for a useless Wilson.

Yeah but they can maybe get some guys in free agency…

Oh, wait, no he’s also taking up their salary cap.

Just enjoy the goofy Russ videos, fellas!

Well, Indy once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It was a fairly ugly game, but the Colts should have come away with the victory. The O-line and defense let us down bigly.

Okay. That doesn’t really answer my question though.

A decisive win against a good team at their home stadium. What a satisfying game to watch that was.

It looks like the Lion’s defense may actually, finally be starting to gel. I remember Warren Sapp saying back in the day when he played for the Bucs “we’ll keep the other team to no more than 17 points. All the offense has to do is score more than that”. By that standard, if the Lions had a Warren Sapp-level D this season, they’d be 8-2. But if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Patriots get a division win over the Jets despite not being able to score more than 3 points until the last 5 seconds of the game. Helluva punt return, though. The defense once again makes Zach Wilson look like he first heard about this thing called “football” earlier in the week.

The offense did a great job of moving forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards, forwards and - you get the idea - while accomplishing nothing. At this point, I think the only hope for Mac Jones is that McDaniels gets fired in Las Vegas and hops a plane back to Gillette Stadium immediately. I saw this in the Boston Globe today:

The Patriots are the only team in the NFL without a first-quarter touchdown. Headed into Sunday’s game, they were tied for 24th in the league with 22 total touchdowns. Their nine passing touchdowns were tied for 30th. Their red zone conversion rate of 46.15 percent was tied for 28th.

Ouch. And now they have to play in 3 days’ time against the Vikings and then again the following Thursday against the Bills. I wonder if 10 points will be enough against those teams? :rofl:

The only TD that the Patriots got in the last game was from special teams. I wonder where they rank on offensive touchdowns.

I’m guessing their offense is still slightly better overall than Denver though.

They have 18 offensive TDs so far (9 rushing, 9 passing); that looks to put them in a tie at #26 with the Rams, and ahead of Indianapolis and Tampa Bay (16), Pittsburgh and Houston (15), and Denver (13).

The Patriots have four non-offense touchdowns: 1 punt return, 1 fumble return (which appears to have been on defense), and 2 interception returns.

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