NFL Week Three - Beyond Thunderdome

Kinda cherry picking there. Watson also had higher completion percentage, passed for more yards, more yards per completion, more td’s, fewer interceptions, a whole point less in interception percentage, all the while getting sacked a league leading 62 times (24 for Trubisky). And that’s completely ignoring their rookie seasons.

I think you would be very, very hard pressed to find anyone outside of maybe Mitch’s immediate family, who would rather have Trubisky over Watson as their QB. Certainly “astronomically” was a bit of hyperbole (they don’t measure QB ability in Parsecs), but I think it’s hard to argue the Bears would be better off with Watson than Trubisky.

It will be interesting to see if Nagy tries to run his preferred offense like he tried in week one, or if he goes back to last year (and week 2’s) plan of tailoring the gameplan and play calls to Mitch’s strengths and trying to cover for his weaknesses.

Sooooo, after doing the job in Ford Field last week with the Chargers, now the Motor City Kitties have taken down Philly on the road. Huh. Do you think the girls on the corner are starting to say, “Heeeey Detroit. I see you.”

I think this was explained to me last year, but I’m a slow learner. Why is the Saints/Seahawks game (both NFC teams) being shown on CBS?

Green Bay drops Flacco SIX times, along with two fumbles forced and recovered and an interception, en route to a 27-16 victory. And all but one fumble was by players new to the Packers this year. Gutekunst is showing to have an eye for talent, and Pettine is figuring out how to use those players to wreak havoc.

Rodgers and the offense absolutely blasted apart the Broncos’ defense in the first series, and then struggled the rest of the way. Without the defense going balls out against the donkeys, that could have been a much tighter game. That said, there’s pretty clear evidence the offense is getting better each week, and that’s the best you can hope for with a new head coach and OC.

On to next week, and a banged up Eagles team.

Packers defense is a bunch of monsters.

Rodgers does not look like himself out there. I don’t know if it’s his receivers not getting open or what but he wasn’t looking very good. They needed that defense to win.

It’s weird, a great defense is a good thing to have and is often the best asset in the postseason but I wonder how far they will get if that offense doesn’t improve.

Please excuse my ignorance but I never realised before today that the Chiefs ground is actually in Missouri.

Do fans in Kansas state generally root for the Chiefs or is it more Missouri’s team?

The Kansas City usually refers to Kansas City, MO. There is a Kansas City, KS but it’s a relatively small city across the river.

Most of Kansas roots for the Chiefs. The western part of the state roots for a mix of the Cowboys and Broncos. Where do NFL Fans Live? Mapping Football Fandom Across the U.S. - SeatGeek - TBA

Starting last year, I think, the NFL started letting CBS and Fox select a few games to carry that would normally be carried by the other network (i.e., NFC-vs-NFC games that would normally be on Fox, and AFC-vs-AFC games that would normally be on CBS).

FWIW, I didn’t learn this until I was in my 30s, when I started having to travel to Kansas City frequently for business.

(And, yes, the Royals are also based in Missouri; their stadium is adjacent to the Chiefs’ stadium.)

I used to live in Kansas and I mostly think of Kansas City as a Missouri city.

Holy shit, Daniel Jones gets the win! Not that the Bucs are worldbeaters, but a win is a win for your first ever rookie start. And he looked good doing it. I’m swooning over here.

23 of 36 (64%) for 336 yards (9.3 per attempt!) 2 TDs no picks 112.7 rating woohoo!

He fumbled the ball away twice while looking downfield and ignoring the pressure, but on the other hand he rushed for two more touchdowns. (Guy scored 35 points on the bench of my fantasy team, grumble.) I don’t love the rushing, but he appears to be pass first so hopefully he doesn’t get himself killed running the ball.

I honestly don’t remember the last time the Giants actually won a game.

Not till they recovered from fainting when they heard the sportscaster say “the undefeated Detroit Lions” after their third game.

Thanks to TB’s kicker shanking a mid 30s yard field goal with time expiring. Cut him and mail him his clothes. What am embarrassing defeat for a team that was looking like they had a decent defense.

(It certainly defeated my pick em week at 538.)

OTOH, the Texans come back strong in the 2nd half, build a small lead, and hang on to beat Big Philly Style and the rest of the Chargers. Yay.

Saints get their first win without Brees since 2005!

What a terrible loss by the Steelers. The defense gets five turnovers and they lose.

That was about the ugliest 49ers win I can remember.

Colts pick up their second win of the season with a victory over the visiting Falcons. Kicking game is back on point, and Jacoby Brissett looked damn good. No turnovers by the Indy offence. Mack is a solid RB. I’m stoked for this team.

As a Seahawks fan I have to say congratulations to the Saints.

Seattle made so many mistakes, which added up led to a loss and just avoiding one of them might have let them win, especially with the final scores being less than a touchdown apart. But Kamara was a beast, Bridgewater made some decent plays, and the coaching staff for New Orleans was great.

It’s so sad that Russell Wilson could have such a spectacular game, probably the best of his career, and still lose because of others’ blunders. :frowning:

The Browns coaching staff is clearly not very good. What’s weird is that the reason for hiring a young offensive mind is to have them implement their offense - get a guy who knows what they want as OC to drill the plays into them, but the coach will design the offense and call the plays. But the Browns offense is significantly different from the offense under Kitchens as OC, which suggests that Kitchens let the new OC install his own offense, not Kitchen’s. Which is weird, because you didn’t hire Kitchens because you thought he’d be a good managerial/delegating head coach, but because you wanted his offensive mind. Why hire him at all if you’re not going to use him that way?

Lots of sloppy coaching this year, discipline problems. New offensive system does not play to Baker’s strengths at all, he’s regressed terribly since last year. The whole structure of the coaching doesn’t make sense - you’d have been better off bringing in a vet if you wanted a managerial style of HC.

I’ve happily gone from “Daniel Who? From Where?!? At 6th?!?!?” to believing this guy is a legit NFL QB.

No matter what else happens with Jones from here on out, I have to believe that it was a good pick. Nobody can tell the future, and he may not wind up with a full NFL career, but this kid knows how to quarterback.