NFL Week Three - Beyond Thunderdome

Nothing like a rash of injuries to the QB position to make things in the NFL more interesting. With the Saints, the Steelers, the Jets, the Giants and possibly the Panthers all starting brand new QB’s this week, there’s a ton of uncertainty this week. Should be interesting.

The games:


Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars (+1.5, 39)

Denver Broncos at Green Bay Packers (-8, 42.5)
Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles (-6.5, 46.5)
Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs (-6.5, 54.5)
Cincinnati Bengals at Buffalo Bills (-6, 44)
Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts (-2, 47)
Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings (-8, 43.5)
New York Jets at New England Patriots (-23, 43.5)
Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys (-21.5, 47)
New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-6.5, 48)
Carolina Panthers at Arizona Cardinals (+2.5, 46.5)
New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks (-4, 44.5)
Houston Texans at Los Angeles Chargers (-3, 47.5)
Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers (-6.5, 43.5)
Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns (+3, 49)


Chicago Bears at Washington Professional Football Team (+4, 41.5)
The Ravens v. Chiefs game looks like the most interesting to watch. The Ravens D is top 5 in points allowed, and the Chiefs’ offense is running on all cylinders, even without Tyreek Hill. Add in Lamar Jackson’s blistering start to the season, and this game should be a blast to watch.

Of the noob QBs, I’m most intrigued by Mason Rudolph, who I liked coming out of college, and Daniel Jones, who I hated coming out of college. I was hoping to get a look at Will Grier too, but it appears Kyle Allen will get the start if Cam can’t go.

The Browns Rams game might be fun too. Seeing Myles Garrett and Aaron Donald play well is always interesting, and I’m wondering if both Goff and Mayfield were prematurely hailed as part of the next great young QB group.

Finally, I’ll likely watch the Monday night game, but I doubt I’ll stick around long. It might be intriguing to see just how much Nagy will have to simplify his offense for Trubisky and just how much an awakening Case Keenum will get playing a very, very good defense. But in reality, I’ll probably fire up the PS4 and maybe buy Observer to play instead of watching the tedium of the Bears and Washington’s tepid offenses (Take the under).

What are you all looking forward to? More misery in Miami? Budding Belief in Buffalo? More eMotions for MinshewMania?

Isn’t it week three?

Here’s hoping that Washington helps The Bears fix their offensive woes. Both the Packers and the Broncos defenses played the Beloved tough and Trubisky’s performance has been flawed. He’s having trouble throwing deep and he’s locking in on primary receivers in throwing plays. Bears running game in week 2 was pretty good with a rushing TD by Montgomery and a great pitchout to Patterson for 46 yards, now they just need to get the passing game going.

When is the last week where we saw two games with the betting line over 20?

Yeah, we basically need a repeat of the Buccs game from last year.

A Yahoo article I won’t link to cites ESPN Stats & Info saying it was week 5 of 1987, the strike season.

Bears fans about ready to lose their fucking shit if they have another pathetic offensive showing. I think the fanbase will melt down completely if they end up with another all-time great defense squandered by an incompetent offense.

The Dolphins are benching QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, and will be starting Josh Rosen against the Cowboys.

That’ll sure fix the problem!

After years of abysmal defenses, you have no idea how happy this sentence makes me. If the Pack can stop letting the big plays explode all over, they might just have something. Outside of the eternal Tramon Williams, this is a young and FAST defense. Eliminate some of the literal rookie mistakes and stay healthy, and watch out.

My head says I should be a little concerned about the offense, but my heart says a healthy Rodgers playing against two top five defenses will be just fine.

This week brings on the Broncos, which is starting to tax my new friendships since moving to Colorado Springs two weeks ago. The game is at Lambeau, and Denver hasn’t exactly looked like worldbeaters. This is the first week I’ve been cautiously optimistic so far. If the defense keeps playing like it has, and the offense levels up from a single good quarter to a good half or more, then look out.
For current commentary, only the Titans can make the Jaguars look this good. This is brutal.

I’m pretty sure that’s just because they figure with the QB attrition, a healthy Fitz will be worth trading for a pick or two next year. Hell when I saw the news that the Steelers had traded for Fitzpatrick my first first thought was Beirdo, not Minkah.

That was supposed to be Beardo, I’m very curious why the autocorrect changed it to another more interesting spelled homonym for they same made up word. :wink:

I’m a little sad that Gardner Minshew didn’t start playing until after the Good Place was filming.

I watched Minshew at WSU and he was fun, I didn’t think he’d make it in the NFL though, because it’s so hard for a QB to succeed there. But to think he’s not only starting, but doing relatively well, makes me excited. I think his personality is good for the league and it would be awesome for him to become a franchise QB.

I know, right? I could totally see Eleanor deciding that she had the hots for Minshew, too. :smiley:

Being Goff’s backup just makes Jason’s battle cry of “Bortles!” that much funnier.

I thank whatever gods may be that the Bears passed on Patrick Mahommes and Deshaun Watson to draft Trubisky. Imagine the Bears with this defense with either of those guys leading the offense. Oofa.

Actually, dont imagine that. It’d be too painful for you. Kinda like if I imagine the Packers with even a competent defense during the Rodgers years.

Playing devils’ advocate, on the Bears Mahommes wouldn’t have Tyreek Hill to throw to, and Watson wouldn’t have time-traveling football cyborg DeAndre Hopkins to throw to. I’m not saying that Mitch is just a great receiver away from being the next Aaron Rodgers but the Bears aren’t known for their stellar wide-outs.

Well the Bears are paying Allen Robinson to be that kind of receiver, but even then, I think it’s pretty clear, no matter who the pass catchers are, both Mahomes and Watson are astronomically better than Trubisky at this point.

Watson last year - 260 yards and 1.93 TDs a game, avg passer rating 103.1
Trubisky last year - 230 yard and 1.92 TDs a game, avg passer rating 95.4

Trubisky has certainly regressed these first couple games and I’m hoping he bounces back, but I wouldn’t say Watson is astronomically better.

Mahomes is certainly another level, but we’ll never know if he would have made that level if instead of sitting behind Alex Smith for year, he sat behind Glennon for four games and then got thrown into Foxball.