NFL Zodiac

Do you ever think about the team mascots? For example, if it is Bengals v Ravens, you would expect the Bengals to have a natural advantage since it boils down to cats v birds. From the NFL Zodiac perspective, that is.

What can the NFL Zodiac tell us about the prospects of the various teams fighting for The Ring this year?

Zodiacc isn’t theword you’re looking for.

Bestiary is the word.

I think Zodiac is more accurate. It is neither Pagan nor Christian; symbolic, yes, but not religious. Poetic/philosophical instead.

The word is Sigil.

Hmmm…Lions v Christians. Vegas odds would probably favor the carnivores, but literature suggests the faithful shall prevail…

New Orleans should have drafted Tebow.

That’s the spirit! :slight_smile:

I would not mind having him on the roster, maybe as a Wild Rebel QB/RB, but he ain’t starting as long as Brees is healthy and Chase Daniels isn’t dead.