NFLWeek 6

Some upsets in the works.

St. Louis beating the Redskins?

Atlanta beating the Bears?

The Lions will find a way to lose to Minnesota, even though they’re ahead right now.

The Colts are smacking around the Ravens. The Ravens defense appears to have gotten lost.

I thought Carolina would be better against the Bucs. Especially with Garcia coming in as starter.

The Rams found a way to lose the lead.

The Lions (and the officials) are looking for a way to lose.

Should be an interesting next 10 minutes.

Atlanta found a way to throw away a great performance and let the Bears win.


Great endings!!!

Falcons, Rams, Texans, and Vikings all find ways to win at the end.

God, I love the NFL

Now it is time for the Arizona Cardinals to win.

Fucking Bears. Has any team had more stomach punch losses this season? All three of our losses have been on leads surrendered in the final minutes. This one was the worst yet. I’ve about had it with Lovie.

Do you think it is time for a QB change for the Bears? I’ve always like Grossman more.

Not at all, Orton has been outstanding. Considering the flaws of the offensive line and the lack of a dominant WR he’s been close to flawless. He’s shown the ability to make all the throws this season, something I didn’t think he could do based on his action during his rookie season.

The reason we are underachieving is because we are flat getting out-coached and because the defense, most notably the secondary, is making too many fundamental mistakes (terrible tackling, poor situational awareness, dumb penalties).

The Bears got to the Super Bowl two years ago because of their defense. Last year, they got hit with too many injuries.

I’m a Grossman fan, but I guess the call for a QB change hasn’t hit Chicago yet.

I don’t think this loss is that bad. Green Bay is losing as I’m writing this. Minnesota barely got by Detroit and the Lions are pathetic.

I concur.

I wish we would get blown out when we lose instead of this close shit.

There will never be a call for Grossman. You simply haven’t watched him play if you still think he has the brains to be a full time NFL QB. He got the arm, but not the head. If Orton collapses and the fans turn on him it will be in favor of Caleb Hanie who looked good in preseason. The fans won’t tolerate another Grossman era, though part of me wants it just because it’ll start the calls to fire Lovie and Angelos.

Wow the Skins actually loss to the worst team in football to date. That is a big surprise and a nice bonus for **Giants **fans. Did anyone watch the game? What happened?

Speaking of quarterback calls, anyone else think there will be a huge Brady Quinn call tomorrow?

I do. Derek Anderson is going to struggle against a far superior Giants team.

I dunno, the NFC East is struggling this week. I could see a close game against the Browns.

Any Coach that calls for a Squib Kick when up by 3 or less should be FIRED on the spot.

How many games have been lost because a squib kick gave the opposing team field position with the ball near midfield? Lovie in his infinite retardation had Gould squib the kickoff and gave the Falcons the ball at the 44 yard line, the 44 yard line!!, which set up the inevitable 26 yard completion. From there it was an easy 47 yard chip shot in the dome for Elam. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

What’s more likely, giving up a 90 yard kickoff return or giving up a 20 yard completion? If it the former, you have some serious issues with your kickoff coverage unit. And it’s not like a squib kick has a zero percent chance of a TD return anyways. What a fucking idiot.

Cowboys the referees team or something, the freaking guy was hurt!

Nice timeout coach.

The Panthers sucked today, in every facet of the game. Totally unprepared. That happens to them too often (over the years), and I blame John Fox.

Arizona screwed themselves playing that bullshit game on the field goal attempt. Idiots.
At least they won. Always glad to see Dallas and Washington lose in the same week.