NHL - Jan. 2022

The Arizona Coyotes are doing soooo bad right now…

Audience: How bad are the Arizona Coyotes doing?

Well! Last night against the NHL’s second-lousiest team - Chicago - they set a personal best this season by notching their first two-goal lead (squandered immediately next period, the goals six minutes apart), and then, to not outdo themselves, they actualy get another goal to make it only the second time, all season, to be leading after two periods.

Heh? The '72 Capitals? Move on over.

Are tickets cheap? When the Penguins used to suck, pre-Mario, I loved it. Cheap seats available on a moment’s notice.

Funny you should ask.

From 2014 to 2020 their tickets went up in price from (averaging) $44 a seat to $58, but last season they went up to $128 :crazy_face:. (Must have been their stellar 24-26-6 season.)

Crazy goal in the Wild win over the Caps tonight.
In the second period the Caps had pulled their goalie for a man advantage on a delayed penalty. Caps player deep in the Wild’s zone attempts a pass back toward the blue line, misses his target, and ends up putting it into the Caps net.

Is there any wonder that Phil Kessel ended up in Arizona? The player with no compete ends up on the team with no compete.

Back in the 1980s Alberta was referred to as ‘Death Valley’, since it was highly unlikely any team was coming away with any points on a road trip through Calgary and Edmonton. We now need a similar term for Florida. A road trip through Tampa and Miami is now a grim prospect for most teams. How about ‘Danger Island’*?

*It’s a misnomer, it is actually a peninsula. (With apologies to The Simpsons)

Oh yeah, Dallas just went on a trip through there, and it was depressing.

Maybe “Pissing your points away in America’s dong”?
Nah, too wordy.

Odd you should say that.
Last Tue. and Thur.: Van. getting outscored 9-4 in both their losses going through there.
Another truly fearsome prospect was going through California between 2007 until about 2014. All three teams, especially LA and Anaheim, were big, hard-hitting squads who roped in three Cups (Anahiem '07, and LA '12, '14)

How about:
“Squandered awesomeness where no one really truly gives two flying turtle’s fucks about the game”

C’mon Florida hockey fans - come back at me on this, prove me wrong. :man_shrugging:

Looks like there’s a chance the Coyotes will have to use the 5000 person capacity ASU arena for a few years should their Tempe arena project go through.

Pretty embarrassing for a major league sports franchise.

I see Quebec in their future…

Mr. Bettman would as soon dunk his head in a vat of lye than have the Coyotes leave Arizona.

Unfortunately the NHL in Quebec City is pretty much dead as long as Bettman is the commissioner. Never mind the fact that it has a rabid fanbase, a stadium, and that it would probably out-earn most of the teams in the southern US. Current rumours are either Houston (the NHL is positively slobbering over Houston) or possibly southern Ontario, probably in the Hamilton region (admittedly, an outside shot).

That’s 45 minutes from Toronto. I guess the Devils, Islanders, and Rangers are about that distance (given traffic in this area).

Well, it depends. When the Flames moved to Calgary they had to play in the Stampede Corral (6475 seats and 1000 standing room only spots). They had to play there for 3 years while the Saddledome was being built.

A lesser option has been Kansas City, which had a floundering franchise before (with poor attendance), but their T Mobile Centre is NHL-ready.
If I was a Quebec’er I’d put a contract out on Bettman.
Well, actually I wouldn’t because this is the Dope and everything, but I wouldn’t welcome him into my home unless there were whoppee cushions set up in the sofas.

That was definitely a different era in the NHL. Plus, that’s welcoming a new team to an area where the Flames were likely to thrive.

How long has the NHL tried to make Arizona work? I’ve been to a few Yotes games and it seems everyone was a fan of the opposing team. That includes games against the Blue Jackets and Dallas Stars, teams without national fanbases.

Yeah, this’d be a much more painful, excruciating transition to make than the Calgary one.

Heh, last night the Canucks had three goals scored on them in 31 seconds.
I might not have been too impressed with that.

Dave Tippett was fired as coach of the Oilers. Also gone is assistant Jim Playfair.

Replacing Tippett is Jay Woodcroft who had been coaching the Bakersfield Condors.