NHL January 2014

Didn’t see a thread for this month. The Winnipeg Jets have finally fired Claude Noel. The Jets have chronically underperformed so it’s about time. Hopefully the first move will be to give Al Montoya a shot to be the #1 goalie.

I’m not entirely sure that Paul Maurice is the solution to their problem, but I really don’t think he can do much worse.

Not that it is normally a problem, but one thing about this outdoor LA game; this game has most easily differentiable team uniforms of any game I have ever seen. Which is probably good for the people way up in the nosebleeds.

I think this is the first New Jersey Devils game I’ve seen all year, but what a stinker of a game they put on in the stadium series. Losing Kovalchuk has really hurt this team.

Between weather and out of town guests, I only made it to one game in January but there were only five scheduled at home. The way the Caps were playing I was probably better off at home.