NHL: November 2010

3 games I’m watching tonight

  1. St Louis Blues vs Boston Bruins. I’m hoping the Bruins start Thomas in goal. This is the only time these teams play this year.

  2. Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche. The Stars have been hot, but this is going to be a tough game for them as they have to go to Colorado after embarrassing the Coyotes last night. The Stars are hot after beating both Phoenix and Pittsburgh decisively.

  3. Phoenix Coyotes vs Pittsburgh Penguins. What the Hell is wrong with the Penguins? 2 losses at Dallas and Anaheim? But the Yotes are coming back home after a bad loss at Dallas and they pulled Ilya Bryzgalov halfway through the game. One of these teams has to win :smiley:

I guess I lied above because I’m also going to pay attention to the Tampa Bay/San Jose game as well. Stamkos is one of the most exciting players to watch this year and San Jose is a team that hasn’t done as well as expected. Thorton is serving his suspension and I wonder if the Sharks are going to start Nittymaki over Niemi tonight. I’m thinking a Tampa win in this game.

He wears a helmet not to protect his head, but to protect you from his hair.

When he plays road hockey, the car yells “Kovalev”.

He once went fifteen games without scoring a point, just to feel what a slump felt like.

He is the most frustrating man in the world.

[Cut to Kovalev]
“I don’t always score, but when I do, I net two or three goals.”

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

You can keep him.

And I was joking about trading O’Byrne and Spacek for Kovalev… I don’t so much want him back as I want Spacek gone and I hope Ottawa is stupid enough to take O’Byrne to make up the difference in value.

I’ve been a Price apologist for years (all two of which I’ve been following the game), but dammit, I can’t fault him for a single goal tonight. The team in front of him has simply forgotten how to play and produce, and they should be damn happy to have someone as solid as Price trying to hold down the fort. Given the defensive errors and the fact that Jeff Halpern is their top scorer… this team needs to work much, much harder. Bag skate, much?

Capitals vs Flyers this afternoon. Can’t wait. Hope the Flyers beat up on the Caps.

Fleury’s in a major slump for some reason or another. I really hope he pulls out of it soon. (He’s one of my favorite players)

Hmmm…I hate them both. Oh, I just hope they just beat the living crap out of each other.

I see Dustin Boyd’s been placed on waivers.

This might be Max Pacioretty’s last chance to put up or shut up.

The press in Toronto is already beating the drum for Ron Wilson’s head. We’re 13 games into the season. Jesus.

Of course, as usual, the press deny they’re beating the drum so as to start a fight with the team’s management. Damien Cox of the Star, who like most Star writers is a mendacious, treacherous weasel, writes and blathers about how “well, you have to ask the question as to whether or not Burke is about to can Wilson.” Burke then denies this, and Cox’s response is “I didn’t say they were going to fire him, I said you have to ask the question if he’s going to fire him.” Interestingly, nobody asks if the team’s going to fire the GM who gave Wilson a squad with about four NHL-calibre forwards.

The quality of sports journalism is so low I can’t believe they pay these people.

Angst over the Hogtown sextet is always a good thing. May it never cease.

In (un)fairness, Ron Wilson is now in year 3, the team sucks, they are stuck with Kessel and no draft picks, the team sucks, they don’t have Tyler Seguin, the team sucks, Phaneuf is injured, and the team sucks. Not necessarily in that order. Off with his head!

What should concern the Leafs more than Phaneuf’s injury is the fact that he was playing atrocious hockey before he was hurt.

One cannot help but wonder if perhaps the Flames didn’t know something the rest of us did not.

Good players go to the Leafs to kill their careers.

When in doubt, hire Olli Jokinen? And it’s not like the Flames are a much better team. Notice how they traded for half of the Leafs last year!

Dare I convince myself that the Blues actually made a good trade, may actually finally have a real goalie, have actually improved, and are…[sub]good?[/sub]

I like what I see so far. I also enjoyed getting the FSN broadcast for the Blues / Sharks game the other night out here in the PNW for the first time in a while, seeing the St. Louis skyline…then hearing Drew Remenda say “Downtown St. Louis, and the Peace Arch.” :smack:

You’re welcome. And for D’Agostini, too. I remember thinking Halak was a good fit for the Blues around last November or December, because the Blues at the time were going nowhere with a couple of 30plus goalies. (Here’s my cite.) Though I was hoping that perhaps we could have finagled Perron or Oshie in return.

The All-Star Game might get a facelift in time for this year’s version in Raleigh. If it goes through, the fans will pick the starters, the hockey operations department will pick the rest of the players, and the captains will draft the actual teams schoolyard style.

Some wise man (wiseguy?) once thought they should do something like that.

Second shutout of the year for Price, against Vancouver. They played really well tonight; after 2 periods, neither Sedin even had a shot on goal! Markov scored his first, Hamrlik managed to get one on the power play…good game! I’ve had a tough week (yes, I know it’s only Tuesday) and that game cheered me up! Would have been even better had Price gotten a goal on that final clear!

That is funny since the Sharks broadcasts usually don’t make mistakes like that. Drew and Randy are amongst my favourites to hear call a game, they have good chemistry and will tell it like it is.

Evidently, Halak is human after all. He got yanked tonight four minutes into the second after giving up four goals on 15 shots.

The Habs have traded Ryan O’Byrne to Colorado for the rights to Michael Bournival, who was drafted last June in the third round by the Avs.